The end of an era: Saying goodbye to Sea Breeze

The final installment of the Sea Breeze series take a look at how the background couple Rock and Trisha first met, with some much needed epilogues from the other sea Breeze couples.

                                                    until the end

I’ll spare you the naughty details, but Abbi Glines is by far my favourite author (due to how many times I’ve read her books and not found one yet that I didn’t like). She has a way of making something quite dramatic into something quite sweet (and sometimes a little bit sexy), which makes saying goodbye to one of her longest series’ hard.

Rock and Trisha have always been in the background of the story. I never really had an opinion on if I liked them or not, because their personalities never really came through in the other books.
But now I have decided that yet again I am in love with these characters.

When I first read Just for now (Preston and Amanda) I had the image of a bottle blonde bimbo with fake boobs and a lot of makeup for Trisha, but now that I’ve had a chance to get into her head, my opinions have changed completely. I now see Trisha as a charmingly sweet girl who just got misunderstood not only by the people she knew, but also by me.

Rock was exactly the same as I thought he would be. He knows the right things to say at the right times (and sometimes the wrong ones) and hold that charming personality all the boys tend to have.

I think that Rock and Trisha needed to be included in the series because as I’ve said first impressions can be deceiving, and Abbi’s choice to make it shorter was the right one.

I am however in LOVE with the second half of the book….the epilogues.

I’ll try and save any spoilers from you, but the epilogues were the perfect end to the series, especially for couples like Sadie and Jax who don’t really appear in the other books.

My favourite Sea Breeze couple has always been Willow and Marcus, so I skipped straight ahead to their part, and OMG you will not be disappointed! Especially because Tawny get’s the final boot and moves on. I also loved Jax and Sadie a lot when I first read the series because what girl doesn’t want to fall in love with a rockstar? I mean come on!!! There was a bit of a plot twist in this part and I almost ( I reiterate the almost part) cried. But there was a happy ending so no tears were shed (not sad ones anyway).

The other epilogues I wasn’t so fussed about because although I love the other couples’ stories, they were never my favourites. However, the last ending in the book was hyped up for days before I read it, with some kind of secret code that Abbi’s army has to not say a word about it. All I will say to you now is that if you’ve not read it yet, you will LOVE the last two words. And if you have read it, then OMG WASN’T IT AMAZING!!!!    😉

Frankly, I will always love Abbi’s work and put it on a pedestal where it cannot be touched, so I will always recommend her books.

Overall Score: 9/10 ( Only shy of 10 because of it being the finale book)

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