Getting lost in Austenland

Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr Darcy and can’t get him out of her head ( who can blame her?) In order to avoid spinsterhood she embarks on the holiday of a lifetime (only for those who are truly desperate) and visits Austenland, a gift from her Great Aunt Carolyn.

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I have to admit, I watched the movie version of this book before actually reading it. When I watched the movie I didn’t even know there was a book, but after seeing it in my local bookshop I just had to buy it. I’ve got to credit the move though as the actor choices for Jane, Nobley and Miss Charming were spot on, the same thing can’t really be said about Amelia Heartwright because let’s face it, the movie chose to make her more annoying and less perfect (each to their own and what not).

This book (though incredibly cheesy) was a great read and in fact one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time. Aside from the random bursts of laughter, this book kept me smiling throughout, because I feel like Jane is part of anyone who has fallen in love with Austen’s stories (though not so defined by it as she is).

This book however is not for everyone. Of course it is Chick-lit and appeals to those more with a passion for period romance, but I do think that overall it’s a very well rounded book with some cheeky humour and an easy-to-follow plotline.

There are problems with this book too. The fact that Jane is extremely beautiful and very talented but still can’t hold down a man, and her personality and sense of humour being so appealing but still for some reason gets rejected (not being shallow here). I think that Jane having all of these attributes made her seem ‘too’ perfect, so I can’t believe the whole ‘I can’t get a boyfriend’ part of her life (This is me being a romanticist).

However, overall this book was extremely funny (especially the ex-boyfriends parts) and very real and grounding that I know I will definitely be reading it again sometime.


Why did I pick this book? Because I have a liking of the era and loved the movie. This book made it onto my blog because it was well written with some deep thought going into the story and the characters. Speaking of characters they all seen very ‘real’ and make the book seem like it could have been a real-life story, which is rare in books now.


Who would I recommend this to? I would recommend this to pretty much anyone who wasn’t narrow minded in fiction. I’d probably send this over to my friends who like old novels like Austen, the Bronte’s and Hardy, but I would also probably suggest this to someone who just wants a good read.

Overall score: 8.5/10

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