Seasonal hugs: Top 5 books you should read this winter

Okay, so these books aren’t necessarily about anything wintry but they are the books I curl up to when it get’s cold and there’s snow everywhere. There’s just something about them that feels like a great big hug.

These books are all young adult romance books and probably wouldn’t be favoured by a lot of people, but for those of you who love a good love story, then these are for you.

Lessons in French – Hilary Reyl

lessons in french

This book is the most tame and most mature of the list. It’s 1989 in Paris and Kate has settled into her crazy new job as the assistant to a famous photographer. After falling in love with her boss’ daughter’s boyfriend Olivier she finds that her life isn’t all it seemed it was going to be. She feels guilty for falling for Olivier and rebels by partying with Paris’ elite and available.

This book at a glance seems quite basic, but I underestimated what kind of book this would be. It’s actually quite a complex read and for someone who wasn’t born in the era it is set in, some of the cultural references can be a little confusing. It is tame compared to the other books and doesn’t go into any details when it comes to intimacy.

All in all this is a more sophisticated read and one that you’ll come out of feeling 100% smarter. Warning though as you might need a basic level of French at parts because a lot of the conversations are in French with no further acknowledgement in English.

Overall score: 7/10


The Vincent Boys/The Vincent Brothers – Abbi Glines

the vincent boys

Beau and Ashton have been best friends all their lives, until beaus cousin falls for Ashton and the three of them go separate ways. After one stifling summer while Sawyer is away, Beau and Ashton get closes, until there’s no going back, leaving a heartbroken Sawyer to accept this betrayal.

When I read the Vincent Boys I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Ashton and Beau. They seemed like the typical teen romance who just realised they loved each other at an awkward time. But there was something missing and I wasn’t sure what it was. Then came The Vincent Brothers and it all made sense.

I think the reason I failed to love The Vincent Boys at first read was because Sawyer was a total jerk in that book and I didn’t think that was right. But when I managed to get inside his head I finally understood.

Lana is Ashtons cousin and has always been the odd one out. every summer when she would come and stay she would crush on Sawyer, but only be ignored. after much thought, Lana thinks it’s time for a change and does a 180 with her appearance and attitude, this summer she’s taking Sawyer for herself.

Of the two books I’d say The Vincent Brothers is my favourite because I like Lana’s character. She’s totally believable and shows qualities every teenage girls goes through at one point in her life.

As with all of Abbi’s other books these are no different from the more ‘adult’ parts, but I suppose you could skip past those if you really wanted to. Simply put, this series is well-rounded and very believable as a story.

Overall Score: 8/10


Unmaking Hunter Kennedy – Anne Eliot

unmaking hunter kennedy

This book is adorably cute. It has all the right elements to be the perfect book. It’s got the rockstar, the nerdy girl and the sweet flirting from both sides. I read this book maybe twice a year, because it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

So, Hunter Kennedy is a rockstar who is sent to Colorado to blend in for a while after some bad decisions left him in rehab. It’s up to Vere to give him the ultimate make-under and help him fit in at school. After a while they become best friends, but she’s in love with her brothers best friend leaving Hunter to love her

There isn’t much more to say about this book except that you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you’ve read the first chapter.

Overall Score: 9/10


Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire

beautiful disaster

Travis Maddox is an underground fighter who get’s what he wants, when he wants it. Abby abernathy hides her past as a poker shark by wearing cashmere and pearls and dating people like Parker Hayes. But when these two unlikely people becomes friends, the stakes are high and the prize is higher.

I must have read this book maybe 20 times now. I’ve made it tradition to read this every winter because I first read this on Boxing day and now it doesn’t feel like Christmas if I don’t read it (i’m actually reading this now).

This is such a good book on so many levels because it makes you feel so many things, it’s also one of the only books that makes the bad boy seem more moral than the lead character. It is frustrating though because abby can’t seem to snap out of her idealistic ways and accept that she loves Travis.

This book is one of my favourite books and I will continue to read this over and over again.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


Luring a Lady – Nora Roberts

luring a lady

Mikhail and Sydney – not a standard pairing. Sydney is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company and doesn’t take any crap. Mikhail is a Russian carpenter/sculptor who’s got a complaint for his Landlady, so when he storms into her office both of their lives change for the better.

This is a recently new read for me, but it’s printed an amazing impression into my head. It’s a little bit steamy and a little bit sweet – and is always tugging on your heartstrings. It’s not to everyone’s tastes of course but then again, what book is?

I know this book is a little bit cheesy and resembles a certain books called 50 shades of Grey but it’s a very different story line to the famous Ana/Christian swoonfest.

Overall Score: 7/10

I know these books are quite girly, and that the guys out there will probably pass up on reading these, but I think that you can’t judge a book by its cover – or even its blurb.

If you enjoyed this list let me know in the comments or send me something short and sweet on Twitter at: @CharBennett_

Also, If you’d like to see a more guy-centric list then hit me up and I’ll do my best with a follow up.

Have a great day!

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    • basicallybooksblog says:

      Thankyou James – I have 2 more list type posts on my blog, both are my 2015 book list with books i will be planning to read this year that I’ve heard great things about. You should check them out. They’re mainly critically acclaimed novels with a few indie titles thrown in. 🙂


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