Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts

R is a zombie. His main problem in life (or afterlife) is not being able to communicate. Until he meets Julie, a human who he kidnaps to keep in his home. After some bonding the unlikely couple take an unexpected turn.


So, around 3 months before the movie came out, I saw a random Michelle Phan video on youtube where she did some guys makeup to make him look like R. Intrigued, I decided to check out my old friend google and find out who he was and what he was from. Eventually I headed to waterstones and picked up a copy.

I am definitely not a fan of zombies or zombie books so I was initially hesitant to spend £9 on a book I wasn’t sure about, but I got it anyway and I LOVED it!!

Of course the romantic part was a huge part of this love but I think the whole mystery part is what sucked me in. I like the fact that there are no clues as the what caused the outbreak, and you don’t really care. With games such as The Last of Us and Dead Island, there’s always some irritance as to never finding out what caused it, but with Warm Bodies you don’t have that sense of urgency – and it’s refreshing.

Isaac Marion is a fantastic writer and even though the sceptics of the movie and the guys out there will disagree with me, I honestly think this is a well thought-out book and a credit to his work.

I know that the whole idea of a Zombie and human falling in love is absurd, but people take it too literally (here comes the years of college english) it’s more about the ‘star cross’d lovers’ than the zombie ft. human. I know that it’s plain and simple in what’s written, but you cannot deny the fact that this book is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

If you still need reasons as to why, I will add a section to the end of the post, but for those who have read the book they should already get where these parts are coming from.

To conclude, this book is a fantastic read that I definitely recommend you to read, whether you’re looking for a new perspective on a classic or just looking for a new love in your life, this will do the trick.

Overall score: 8/10 (my main problem with this book is that ending is quite short and unfulfilling)


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Photo credit: beyondhollywood.com


So, for those who haven’t read either Warm Bodies or Romeo & Juliet or both, here are the character similarities. (There may be more so if you noticed any let me know)

R = Romeo

Julie = Juliet

Nora = Nurse

M = Mercutio

Perry = Paris



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