Looking for….something better to read – not Alaska

Miles is off to boarding school. Not great for him. Until he meets Alaska with her rebellious attitude and carefree nature. Everything changes from that point on.


looking for alaska

I bought Looking for Alaska on a whim when I went on Holiday and found out the hotel had no wi-fi. I read it first on that holiday, and once more last year. I didn’t like it. Well, I didn’t like it enough to be able to read it more than those 2 times I already did read it. It’s sat on my shelf at home letting me bully it while I take other books of the shelf and not it.

Okay, So this is in no way a dig at John Green. I think he’s awesome on YouTube and watch Mental_floss on a regular basis, but his style of writing isn’t something I’m fond of. Maybe it’s because I like a little more dirt with my romances but it just didn’t captivate me enough.

I’m a huge sobber. I cry at everything in movies and books. If someone gets hurt or dies I am the one with the tissues thrown around them with a tear-stained face, so that may be what put me off a little.

Sure enough, I like the storyline (even if all of his romances seem to be exactly the same. 2 people meet, fall in love, one of them dies, the end) because it seemed real. That’s exactly how most teenagers act and it was relatable. I’m also not denying the fact that John Green is a fantastic author, I’m only an anomaly in a mass amount of fans, it just wasn’t for me.

To me, it’s one of those books you read on a whim, are pretty happy with but won’t really read it again.

Don’t be disheartened if this is your favourite book, this is merely my opinion.

Overall score:  5/10 (interesting enough but not enough of the nitty gritty for my liking)

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