Get ahead in your blog post planning!

So, I’m not the most organised person. I have a million post-its on my desk telling me do things I will never get round to doing and about 10 different checklists I will spend ages on but never actually use. But I am however pretty good at getting blog posts out every week. So, how do I manage that you may be asking? Here are a few pointers for the unorganised bloggers.


1. Trello

Trello is your best friend. If you work in an office environment this is especially great because you can keep a board for your blog and your professional work.

This is basically a checklist system so that you can see everything in one place and move things around with no problems. I have mine set up for both work and my blog so I can never forget to write my post because it’s right there next to my everyday tasks.

(Blurred because it’s private but you get the gist of what it does) 2014-12-09 12-00-51

2. Pinning

This is a lifesaver for the unorganised. I’m always losing things and forgetting the names of references etc. So instead of having a majorly cluttered bar I will pin them. This also means if you close the browser you won’t lose your tabs! 2014-12-09 12-02-23

3. Keep a notepad with you

So I’ve started to do this more often because I will be on the bus or out shopping when something just pops into my head. Or if I’m on the bus reading (like I usually am) and I have something to critique I’ll quickly jot it down for later. This comes in so handy when you’re forgetful and sometimes lose your head. 2014-12-09 11-49-50
(isn’t my notebook cute?!)

4. Pocket

Another way to keep track of things you’ve found is Pocket. it’s a bookmarking system that lets you view content in the page rather than taking you to the original source – great for if you’ve got a bad connection or a messy browser. 2014-12-09 11-58-45

well, these were my tips to stay organised when writing your blog. If you’ve got any more tips I’d love to hear them so send my way and I’ll do a follow up post with all of your suggestions.

Have a great day!


Photos: Keep calm pic from Everything else screen grabbed by Nimbus or taken myself


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