One More Chance…..To cry your eyes out


When Harlow decided to leave Grant it took everything in her willpower to ignore him. But she couldn’t do it forever. Now they’ve rekindled their relationship to have it stirred up again by the impending birth of their baby, the one that could kill Harlow in the process.


Harlow and Grant part 2 takes you on a journey through your emotions. You will cry from this book so much when reading it – not always sad tears (although the majority are sad) as there are some happy moments.

**WARNING** Don’t read this bus in public. You will look ridiculous crying on the bus for no reason.

When I first read Take a Chance I was hesitant to like the coupling of Grant and Harlow. I thought that she was too sweet and that he was too ‘rough around the edges’ but after reading One More Chance I totally get why Abbi put them together.

If you had asked me a week ago what my favourite Rosemary Beach book was I would have said Fallen Too Far. Now if you were to ask me I’d say One More Chance. You may ask why though. Why do I love this book so much? The reason is simple: it’s different.

It’s a big change in Abbi’s style to have so much sadness. Even though Harlow was upbeat about it all it’s a very real subject that was focused on. It’s more than just a beloved character in danger it makes you think about every couple in the world who go through something similar.

Aside from the death of Wyatt in the Existence Trilogy and Jace in Simple Perfection there are very few ‘main character’ deaths in her books so the thought of it being someone central to the story is an entirely new concept for these books.

This book made me fall more in love with Abbi’s work than I already was, which I didn’t think could be possible.

One things I will eat my words on is Nan. I heard there was a chance that Nan would get her own story and because I hated her so much this disappointed me. But after this book I’m ready to embrace the possibility that Nan might be a lovable character after all.

I think Abbi’s choice to include a section of her thoughts in the book was smart as it gave us a look into her mind and made us understand her actions a little bit more…the lamb was just the icing on the cake.

So, my overall score for this book is 10/10 (This book was perfect and played on all the right emotions to get you involved in the story.)

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