My new year wish list: What am I itching to read?

It’s coming to the end of 2015 now and with it comes the lure of a new year. With a new year there are new contracts, and new contracts mean books. Lots and lots of books! I’m looking forward to having my fill of the newest and most brilliant books 2015 has to offer, but what would I like to see from my favourite authors?


**As a warning, there are some spoilers in this blog post and the books I’d like to see are limited to a few of my favourite authors’ current series’. I know I write a lot about Abbi Glines but I do try to spread out my posts, it’s just that she has so many books that release throughout the year it’s hard to avoid reviewing them.**


Bethy and Tripp #2

I’m not 100% sure how this is going to pan out because Abbi Glines seems to have 1 book for some couples but 2 or 3 for other, but I would really like to see what happens next in Bethy and Tripp’s story. I felt a little disappointed with You Were Mine because it felt too short and like the book was wasted in the beginning by not making the happily ever after a little bit sooner, it’s also more disappointing because Bethy has been such a huge character since Blaire and Rush’s first book. I’d like to see a little bit more from this couple but in their perspective and not from the perspective of a different couple.


Nanette’s own book

Another abbi Glines book I want to see is Nannette to have her own story. I’m pretty sure this is happening at some point which gives me butterflies you can’t imagine but I think it’s got to be a pairing with someone we’ve not met yet. At first I hated Nan just like every other person who loves Abbi’s books, but after One More Chance my mind has shifted into seeing her the right way.

I think her coupling would need to be someone we’ve not met yet because people like thad know what’s she’s like and it wouldn’t be so believable for me that he’d accept that. I think a crossover from sea breeze could happen, maybe with Jeremy? (little too tame for Nan) or more likely someone like Captain? (I like that pairing).


50 Shades of Grey: The sequel or Christians POV

Bit of a guilty pleasure (no pun intended) but I love the FSOG series and would love to see what happens after Phoebe and Ted are born.

I’d like to either see Christians POV to the whole series a little bit like the disaster books or to see what happens years down the line, even if it’s just one book. I feel like this story will never really be over until that point (but maybe I’m over-reaching). However I can wait around for it since the Movie makes it’s debut in February (who else is excited?).

Honestly, there needs to be another book, or at least a brand new series and couple from E.L James. Pretty please?


Unmaking Hunter Kennedy: life with a rockstar?

I’d like to see what happens once Vere has graduated and is free to go off with Hunter. Their story was short, sweet and lovely but I’d like to see some real grit in their lives. Maybe some kind of pressure from the public? Vere wanting the college experience but has to leave Hunter. I’d like them to have a bit more of their fairy tale with the drama thrown in.

That was my wishlist for books I’d like to see written in the new year. I’m sure that they are probably a little bit unlikely (aside from Nanette’s story) but it can’t hurt a girl to dream, can it?

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2 thoughts on “My new year wish list: What am I itching to read?

  1. Abida Sultana Juti says:

    I agree with another book being written by E.L james, after fifty shades freed I want to know what happens next, but at the same time maybe a book from christians point of view would be better, I dont know…I really cant wait for the film to come out too! Christian and Anastasia are just how I imagined ☺️


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