The trouble with goodbye – a surprisingly good read

Leigh-ann Davis is running from her past, but she’ll have to confront it soon since the media have got a hold of her story. Until Knox Warner save her, not just from destroying herself, but also from the oppression that her family brings.


I got this book on Kindle for free when I saw it in my promotions. Usually free books don’t appeal to me and sometimes lack a little bit of imagination. But this book surprised me.

The story of Leigh-ann seemed true to me. As is the case with most young adult romances, there’s a rush to be with each other. But their romance was spread out nicely and didn’t go too fast. You also feel a strong connection to Leigh-ann because of what happens to her at college, even if you don’t relate you do feel like you want to console her.

I also liked the realness of how the characters were described. There wasn’t a load of over-descriptive jargon that just ruins the image. It was simple and let you decide what they looked and acted like.

I feel like in the future I will eventually read the remaining books in the Fairhope series but right now I’m just going to let this one settle in. This is a great book to get if you’re running low on books to read.

Overall Score: 7/10 (a good read but not something I’d be rushing to the store to get)


Have a great day!

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