My 2015 must read book list: Part 3

Part 3 to my 2015 must read book list are 10 more praised books from many different genres. This part also holds a few new release that are due this year. I hope you enjoy my selection, and if you like this I also have part 1 and part 2.

1. Saint Mazie – Jami Attenburg


This is a new release that will have the world obsessed with it in June. It’s about a woman called Mazie in 1920’s New York (classic right?) who owns a theater. When the depression hits she welcomes in the poor, essentially becoming a Saint in their eyes. I can’t wait for this book, it’s seems like it’s going to be a right page turner.

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2. Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank


I read this book for the first time when I was 13, the same age as Anne when she went into hiding. If you’ve not read this book, I highly suggest you do. It was strange to read because the war is such a depressing topic that usually tugs on our emotions, but Anne’s diary was more focused on the things she was thinking. So boys, birthday parties and her cat were the top of her priority list. This angle makes it a sad yet new side to the war.

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3. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

Arkham cover D final

I have to admit that I’m not overly excited about this book. I’ve seen the Ben Barnes movie and the thing I enjoyed most about it was the copious amounts of Chopin in it (I mean come on, Prelude 24 is classic?!). But I will never say no to a book if it’s been critically acclaimed as much as this has, so we’ll give it a go.

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4.A Game of Thrones Series


only going to use book one as picture – who cares?

Just before I get people going mad, I’m calling it ‘A Game of Thrones series’ because It’s so much easier than going into the whole “it’s A song of Ice and Fire” or whatever you wanna call it s**t – I don’t care. Now that’s over – I love GoT the show – and I do actually own all of the books, I’ve read the first 2 and still have the rest to read. Great stories, even if I always want to skip Bran’s parts, I hate Bran, he’s a whiny B**ch. READ THESE!!

(excuse the swearing, but Got is one of those things that brings out the worst in people you know?)

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5. Hall of Small Mammals – Thomas Pierce


I know very little about this book apart from that it’s supposed to be a page turner. I know that it’s a collection of stories about different people from different backgrounds struggling with different things in life. Even though I know very little about it, It’s included in my list because it’s one of the most anticipated books to be published this year, and if I’m honest the cover art is adorable (it also sounds pretty cool too, but look at that deer!!!)

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6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – J.R.R Tolkien


Another book I have loved over the years since first reading it age 12. I’ve got all three books sitting on my shelf at home readily waiting for me to bring them out again. If you’re not into fantasy that’s no excuse, these books are amazing. And the movies by the way Sir. Peter Jackson are fantabulous!

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7.Almost Famous Women – Megan Mayhew Bergman


This is also a highly anticipated book. It’s about women who have spent their lives doing amazing things that they were barely recognized for and people born close to the spotlight but could never quite get the illumination they wanted. I’m intrigued by this book, it’s not my typical style of book but it seems like a really interesting read.

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8. The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty – Amanda Filipacchi


Set in New York city this novel follows a group of models who are opressed by what society thinks is ‘perfect’. One girl is too beautiful, one is not beautiful enough, This novel speak to me, as well as probably most other girls because let’s face it – we’re always having our self-esteem lowered by the media. GIRLS UNITE!

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9. Know Your Beholder – Adam Rapp


This book is about Francis who’s life has pretty much gone to s**t. He sits in his childhood home after the world has crumbled, basking in his own smell and binge eating (probably). After renting out the rooms of his house to some pretty colourful tenants he get’s wrapped up in their lives and dramas. This sounds like it’s going to be a funny but serious read, which I look forward to getting my hand on this year.

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10. Fire Season – Philip Connors


This is one of those ‘finding yourself’ and ‘wilderness’ kind of books I’m binge reading right now. I just feel powerful and inspired whenever I read something like that. This is part 1 (apparently) to Connors’ journey. I hope it’s good because I’m having withdrawals from Cheryl Strayed’s “wild” right now – SO DAMN GOOD!

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So that’s part 3 to my must read book list for 2015. I’m constantly accumulating books for my list so keep an eye out for more posts in the near future. If you enjoyed this don’t hesitate to comment, like or tweet me over at Twitter: @CharBennett_

Have a great day!


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