Bad for no-ones imagination

Krit Corbin is a rock star, he’s also a huge player. Blythe Denton is a sweet and sheltered girl who’s moved in downstairs. When they form their friendship over the next few months its clear things will eventually change, but is it always for the greater good?


When this book first released in early 2014 I couldn’t get it at the time, due to finances and the lack of time to read with college finals in the way. Then once those passed I still didn’t get a hold of it until this week.

At first in the sea breeze series I didn’t like Krit’s character. He reminded me of a young Kiro (Rosemary Beach) and he’s a douche. But I love Krit now. Blythe brought out the good in him that I couldn’t see before I read this book.

I connect to Blythe in this novel on a strong level. I’m a fairly confident person and I’ve not been sheltered. I’m the complete opposite of Blythe yet I also feel like she and I share a level of Carelessness.

This book is a new (second) favourite, pushing breathe into 3rd. It’s not quote my favourite as I feel Because of Low will always been my No.1 Sea Breeze novel. But second is good.

My only pet peeve with this book isn’t the suspense I usually hate, its Malcolm. Or otherwise known as Pastor Williams – what an idiot. (dont want to spoil it) but he’s an A-Class d-bag in my opinion.

Altogether I loved this book and as always with Abbi’s books I highly rate it. If you like the work of authors such as Jamie McGuire (@JamieMcGuire) and the queen of smut E.L. James (@E_L_James) then you will love Abbi Glines (@AbbiGlines).

Overall score: 9/10

Abbis book while it lasts is also being made into a movie with Addam Bramich (@Addam_Bramich) playing the wonderful Cage York. Be sure to check him out too and the While It Lasts page on facebook.

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