Fifty Shades – Will the movie be everything we wished for?

Everyone knows about Ana and Christian. A sexy billionaire Dom takes on a mousy and brilliant ‘sub’ which turns into a romance ti span over 3 books. With the impending release date of the 2015 movie I’m going to talk about expectations, reailty and the just plain stupid.


Honestly I love the trilogy. And I have no shame over it. First of all I’d like to stress that there are a lot of people out there who claim that they know the story and that its ‘twilight porn’ when in fact the only twilight similarities are the fact that Christians family is adopted and that he has copper-coloured hair. I’d just like to say, before you judge it, at least Wikipedia the plot summary.

The movie is released in the UK in just over 3 weeks and the excitement is getting palpable. Everyone’s ready for the novels to be made into real life. I mean who doesn’t want to see the phenominally sexy Jamie Dorman get his kit off for 2 hours?

I am happy with the casting choices. I was extremely unhappy at first with Charlie Hunnam being cast because I (along with everyone else) thought he was just wrong for the part, he just wasn’t what we envisioned. But now that we’ve seen trailers of Johnson and Dornan they seem perfect for the roles.

Im not expecting the movie to be an exact retelling of the book, and I expect some ways I see things like scenery will be different but from the still I’ve seen its pretty spot on so far.

I am upset by 1 casting choice. I think every single character has the perfect actor/actress playing them except Mia. Rita Ora was a bad choice, and I’m not the only one who agrees.

Even though this post is mainly movie based, I’m judging it from the books, and I’d love to get your opinions on here or over at Twitter at: @CharBennett_

Have a great day!

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