Music + book = Perfection! What to listen to when reading

I’m not the kind of person who can read in silence, I like to have music blasting in my ears while I’m tucked into a good book. It provides a creative energy as well as blocking out any unwanted noise from people talking on the bus. I have an eclectic taste in music, but when I’m reading I like to keep it focused on my tamer playlists.

Below I’ve compiled a list of several of the artists/bands/albums I listen to when I’m relaxing with my novels. Most of these are folk/bluegrass-esque but I think you can really enjoy them no matter which genres you usually lean toward.

Links to their Twitter pages are linked to the titles 🙂

  • Nick Drake


Nick Drake is what I call a ‘musical magician’ and will always be that way to me. His music is like food for the soul and when you listen to it it makes you want to walk around barefoot and make daisy chains, it’s incredibly poetic (even if sometimes it makes absolutely no sense at all), and one of the best things to listen to when reading.


Slow, smooth and relaxing are the best words to describe A Fine Frenzy. These guys have got a serious side to their lyrics but Alison’s voice takes it down a notch and makes their music that much more enjoyable.



Tallhart are an amazing band, but I have this album on it’s own playlist, because it’s so raw and powerful and just *sigh*….it’s just brilliant. This album targets problems about family and life mainly, but even though the topics are slightly depressing the songs are always about overcoming those problems.



Not as often as the other bands but still as brilliant are The Band Perry. A little bit of country mixed with some folk, I often mix these guys with another couple of bands in my list, on a continual playlist.



Eisley have been a love of mine for around 2 years now. They’re just so different from anything else I’ve ever heard and their music is eclectic. Ranging from the eery to the funky, you can never really say that Eisley sound like anyone else.



Probably known more as the ex-wife of The White Stripes frontman Jack White, Karen Elson is also from my hometown, and has an amazing sense of music. I listen to this album occasionally when I’m in the mood for something not so slow. This album is brilliant and kind of reminds me of Kate Bush (only a little).



Technically I listen to the album in a playlist with Hearts and Spades by I The Mighty (Brent’s band) but this album is great to read to. It’s kind of blues based with some folk undertones and is something a little bit unique for when you fancy a change of pace.



I couldn’t find a good enough picture of the album, so heres the lovely couple.

A very very new addition to this list, as the album only released recently. But it’d become a new favourite. Made up of husband/wife duo Collin and Karsyn Dupree (part of the Eisley family, just saying, it is HUGE. There’s like 10 different bands in their family) it amazes me how talented all of the Dupree clan are. This album is really soft and reminds of how you feel when you listen to the ocean.


I think these guys are altogether brilliant. I even saw these guys live last year, and I swear that Andy Hull (lead singer) sounds better live than he does on the CD. But they’re also really great to relax to, their newer music is more rock based, but their older music is smooth, slow and emotional.


What are your favourite artists/albums to listen to? Let me know on Twitter at: @CharBennett_ or leave me a comment below.

Have a great day!

**Disclaimer: Most of these photos were taken from Wikipedia, however some have come from personal blogs and social media pages etc. I take no ownership over these photos.**


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