Getting to know me

Basically, I had no inspiration for my blog this week, because I’m in a reading dry spell, where I just can’t bring myself to read something new (help!!!!), when I realised I talk in first person so much, yet you don’t know much more about me than my about me page and my love for Italians in skinny jeans. So here are 5 facts about me that aren’t at all important, life-changing or amazing. They’re just “meh” and “okay, that’s……cool?”. So enjoy!
Here, have a picture of me and my friend Ellie hugging after a charity ‘custard’ (more like pancake mix) fight in our village. Because it’s funny. I kind of look like a creamy Shrek.
1. I chew pen tops all day.
It’s a serious problem for me, I’m like a hamster needing to gnaw on anything that I can get my hands on, usually pen lids. I think I do it to stop myself from biting my nails. I used to be a biter, but now I’m not and my nails are beautiful, but I’m pretty sure I’d still be a biter if I didn’t chew pens.
2. I’m the worst person to take to the cinema.
If you’re wanting to go to the cinema to watch the newest film, I’m not the person to take. I talk all the way through it, especially if I’ve read the book version of the film or read reviews/watched lots of TV spots (which is pretty much every time). This is such a problem that I have started to go on my own to watch movies, or go with my boyfriend because let’s face it, he’s used to me being annoying already right?
3. I have a ‘questionable’ taste in toast/pizza toppings.
Ordering a Domino’s and you think of all of the choices to put on your pizza, my go-to choice is tuna, sweetcorn, garlic butter and a toss between seasoned beef or spinach. Don’t ask me why, I just like it on pizza, it’s a very tasty combination. The same goes for toast, I’ll have lemon curd, pate, Marmite (my #1 choice), cream cheese, peanut butter….pretty much anything aside from kippers.
4. I’m an organised mess.
I am messy, I don’t have a tidy room, my desk is full of stuff I don’t need but won’t throw out and I’m not too fussed with a messy environment, but, and that’s a BIG BUT! I am severely organised when it comes to time. Part of my Dyscalculia (Google it…or not) means that I struggle with time and my perception of it is warped, so I plan out every single day in my notebooks. I make lists of what I need to do, how long it should take, when the buses are, and how long it takes to walk from one place to another to name a few. I also set a load of alarms on my phone to keep me in time, because if I didn’t I’d be late everywhere and I don’t really want to turn into Barry Allen.
5. I’m terrified of milk
Basically, I have an irrational fear of milk or milk-like products. I’m good with cheese, but if it’s in liquid form I take unnecessary precautions to make sure it’s not off. I’ll only drink milk if it’s been opened that day (not a day over) and it takes some serious courage to eat yoghurt. Weird right?
I hope you enjoyed these really boring facts about me, not in any bragging about my being a fast reader, or having awesome topping taste (you know it), I can come up with some more (un-)interesting things if you like, but effort (Fact 6. I’m very very lazy).
You could always hop on over to Twitter at: @CharBennett_ to say hi, or leave a comment below.
You could also check out my friend Ellie’s Vlog channel on Youtube or Tweet her over on Twitter at: @demonackless
Have a great day!

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