Someone else’s fairytale (I want it to be mine!!)

Chloe is an average girl studying forensics at college and works in a coffee shop, until the charming and very available actor Jason Vanderholt meets her at a movie shoot, and he’s smitten. Of course she only sees him as a friend, pushing away any advances, although he’s atypical and isn’t the kind of celebrity that’s been twisted, she doesn’t see that until time has been wasted.


Okay, straight off the bat, this book was an unexpected favourite. I wasn’t expecting it to be so ‘realistic’ if it’s realistic that a hollywood actor falls for a barista? The story was gripping, but not too dramatic, and the character’s seemed very believable.

I loved being inside Chloe’s head and getting to see what it’s like for her to battle against herself, and also because she clearly couldn’t see how much Jason liked her, even though we could perfectly, but love is blind right?

This is the kind of book I’d suggest to someone who’s wanting to experiment more with romance but doesn’t want to sex. Obviously I now expect it in romance novels, but I wasn’t disappointed in the end when nothing of that nature happened, I was content with how it was.

I’ve got the sequel on my kindle ready because I just fell in love with this book, it’s so sweet and it is exactly what the title says it is, a fairytale.

Overall, this book was very good, and I suggest it to anyone who likes to read romance, because it’s seriously cute (and because it’s free on Kindle right now!).

Overall score: 10/10 (wouldn’t change a thing)


What is everyone else saying?:

 Rebecca Berto on Goodreads: Ladies this book hits the sweet spot between romance and chic lit. It’s so much fun without being over the top (OTT) at all. It’s for the ungirly girls. Super so far. 5/5

Noelle on Goodreads: This was not what I was expecting at all – and I mean that in a good way! 4/5

Kelly on Goodreads: This is a classic boy meets girl Cinderella love story that will tickle those fantasy taste buds, whether you are 14 or 40 and beyond. 4/5 

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