What to do when you’ve got unread books

I’d say I have about 10 unread books on my shelf at home (not many as there are nearly 150 in my collection). These are all books that intrigue me, but I just can’t bring myself to read them. So how do you overcome this?


Sometimes, as someone who reads an extortionate amount, you get a little bit bored with it. Of course it’s still your reason for getting up in the morning, but you just feel a little bit ‘same old, same old’. I’m gonna try and help myself and you to overcome this.

I decided the only way I can read them is if I challenge myself. So, as a challenge I will not buy any new books until I’ve finished reading at least 5 of these unread books, and that is big motivation for me because I love buying books! (New books are just… Ugh so good).

I suppose my advice to you if you are in the same situation is that you find your motivation. It doesn’t need to be like going to the gym where you dread it, after all, the books were bought because you liked the sound of them at the time.

Not the best blog post, but this is a journey we will do together, so grab an unread book and let’s try it. In a few weeks time I will make an update on how well my challenge has gone so far, I expect to hear from you guys too!

Have a great day!

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Photo credit: impublications.com


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