Summer Sky – just what I was looking for

Sky is running from a douchey boyfriend after 5 years of being forced to pretend she’s something else. Dylan Morgan is a very famous, very gorgeous rock star who needs some time to find himself again. After a misunderstanding with the cottage they booked, they decide to give friendship a go, but it can’t stay like that for long.


At first I thought this book would be the usual formula of girl+boy+drama+resolution=book. But it was so much more. It was much more emotional than I expected it to be and made you feel really frustrated with the characters because Sky was blinded by her past and dylan was blinded by him usually getting his own way, and you just shout “get it over with already!! You obviously like each other!”. But despite the frustration I’m glad it was there, because it made me grip to the book like it was worth a million pounds.

I go through stages of what kinds of romance I read, sometimes I read billionaire/mousy girl (fsog) or the teen angst drama novels, but at the moment, as you can see from my last review I am into the celebrity/normal girl novels right now, and I love them!!

I really suggest you read this book, I can’t praise it enough and it’s the first one I’ve read actually set in England, which just makes me love it even more (need one set in yorkshire now *hint hint*).

I recommend this book to you if you want a break from your usual type of romance or if you’re looking to dip your toes into the land of romance, because it’s everything a book should be. It’s gripping, sweet and most importantly the emotions and the personalities are real.

Overall score: 10/10 

What other’s are saying:

Kaylene on Goodreads: Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow is a rollercoaster ride of frustratingly good romance.

Brenda on Goodreads: This is a good strong story line with amazing characters and great drama that tears them apart,but their love is so strong.

K.E. Osborn on Goodreads: Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow is the first book I have read from this fantastic author. I opened Summer Sky and within the first chapter I was hooked.

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