Embracing social media for my blog

I’m typical for my generation in that I use a lot of social media. I have the usual sites of Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram and Pinterest (avoiding a few such as whats app or vine). Social media is also my job. I’m constantly looking through the many social platforms for something new to do.

screenshot-instagram.com 2015-03-17 10-19-37

So this should apply not only to my work and my personal life, but also my blogging life. I’ve decided to set up an Instagram account for my blog. I will post pictures of books I’m reading and books that I’ve loved, as well as a thing I’m calling #minireviewmonday. Where I Post a picture of the book I’m reading, write a mini review and let you all know what I think.

I think it’s important for me to branch out on multiple platforms, because unlike myself, some people don’t have time to read a whole blog post, but do have time to scroll through Instagram.

I’ve already started to post pictures on my new account. @basicallybooksblog and there will be a #minireviewmonday of course on Monday next week. It’s going to be on Bad For You by Abbi Glines as it’s the book I’m currently reading.


Have a great day!

Photo credit: Not needed as this is my picture, can be found on my Instagram.


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