Because of Lucy – A review

Ness lives in Leeds and works in a call center. All of her peers are at university there, and she feels left out and distant. Evan studies English there and hangs around at parties getting drunk a lot, he meets Ness one night at her friends house party (also her house) and ends up starting a topsy turvey relationship with her, for it to get disrupted by Evans mentally unstable sister Lucy.


I’ve already reviewed one of Lisa Swallow’s books on my blog, not too long ago. She’s got a very natural writing style and her books never seem rushed. Everything goes at a normal pace and things overall are quite normal, as some writers like to make 2 people fall in love in a week of knowing each other, Lisa stretches it out more.

I think I prefer this book over Summer Sky, mainly because it’s set in Leeds and my family is from there, and I still live in the West Ridings of Yorkshire. I also loved it because they were my age, and I connected to Ness on a level because I also avoided the university route and went into working life in an office (although my job is awesome!). She says that she “can’t talk about babies” with her co-workers and “can’t talk about studying” with her peers, because she’s somewhere in between, and that’s exactly the same with me, so I feel like Ness is a character a lot of novels would benefit from because she’s far from perfect and regrets some of the decisions she’s made other than “i regret texting that boy” or “I shouldn’t have told him I wasn’t interested” mumbo jumbo that’s out in YA books.

I think Evan is quite a well-rounded character for a male protagonist. Most of the guys in YA novels are stone-faced and unemotional. But Evan actually cries in this book, he’s quite open with how he feels and talk about things that he doesn’t want to deal with. People stereotype guys and say they keep to themselves, but most of the guys I know are like Evan and will open up if something is bothering then, so good job Evan!

My only peeve is that the book felt short. It felt like there needed to be more of the story, more towards the beginning with the catty backchat and the snarky comments.

Overall, I give this book a 9/10 (more book please?!)

What others are saying about it:

Jen O’Grady on Goodreads: It’s a story with a poignant insight into responsibilities that can be forced on us in life. 4/5

Rebecca Raisin on Goodreads: There was so much that kept me gripped with this book. The crafty way it’s written transported me right back to that age, and all the angst that goes with it. 5/5

Angie on Goodreads: I really enjoy the whole ‘opposites attract’ trope, and this book was no exception. 4/5

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