#ILoveMase – An appropriate way to sum up When I’m Gone

Mase Colt Manning is the perfect southern Gentleman, which is a lot to say he’s the son of a rock star. While visiting his Sister in Rosemary Beach, he stumbles across Reese. Reese is the house cleaner, and she’s the cutest thing in the world to Mase. Reese has a past, and she also suffers from years of emotional and physical abuse from her parents. The two find each other, and a friendship, followed by something more ensue.


I wasn’t expecting to love Mase like I love the other Rosemary Beach boys. He didn’t seem very dynamic when we met him in Harlow’s books, so I had low expectations from his character. But now after reading his book, I’m in love with him. He’s different to the other guys, because he doesn’t fight his feelings for Reese, he’s quite obvious about them, but he holds back for her benefit. He’s also different because there was less drama when it came to Mase, less fall outs and less fighting, which was refreshing.

I’m not saying I don’t love the Drama Abbi Glines usually dishes out (because that get’s steamy and I love that too) it was just a nice change, kind of like Cage York was in Sea Breeze.

I would definitely recommend this book, but as always with Abbi’s books, I feel like I’d have to suggest the whole series first, because I feel like the story would only half make sense without reading the preceding stories first, but whoever decides to read them from the beginning is very lucky, because I remember the first time I read them and it was magical. It was like opening a door to a new kind of world, a kind only Abbi and a few other authors have managed to show me.

Reese as a character was also a little different. Abbi hasn’t really approached the learning difficulty side of life yet. She’s dealt with poverty, poor health and unavoidable circumstances but not something as simple as Dyslexia, and that was a nice thing to see as someone who’s only recently been diagnosed with Dyscalculia. As an adult I’ve also lived through life struggling and Reese was a very relatable character to me in that sense.

Overall this book is brilliant, and I highly recommend anyone to read Abbi’s stories.

My overall score: 8/10 Because it felt a little short and at times a little rushed.

What others are saying about When I’m Gone:

 on Twitter: Of course I finished When I’m Gone right away! I’m one happy bookworm! Mase, Mase, Mase… What have you done to me?

 on Twitter: OH. MY. MASE. Such a good southern boy ❤

Jerilyn on Goodreads: I had to process all the awesomeness my eyes FEASTED ON gahhhh I love Abbi she is the greatest squeeeee! 5/5

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