#TVTalk – Game of Thrones Season 5 ep. 2

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers and should be intended for those of you who want to ruin the show for yourselves or who have read the books/watched the show up to date.***


Some major plotlines are so close, yet so far….

Last night, Game of Thrones Season 5 episode 2 aired in the UK. I sat down with a nice hot cup of coffee, a tube of pringles and a couple of cats to keep to warm. Joined by my dad (despite the amount of boob in GoT) we paitently waiting for that famous theme tune to start. So, what happened?

Dany managed to piss off Mereen.

Dany is a great character, she’s complex but also really predictable. But last night she managed to make her fans cringe when she decided to fight justice with justice and chop off the head of one of her loyal followers. It wasn’t all for fun though, she did it because he killed someone waiting to be trialed (the harpy). This was a stupid decision, one she was fought against, but I think it was necessary to show that she’s got a weakness and that she can be clouded by her own judgement. Dany doesn’t really care though because Drogon decided he’d rock up after a long time away, so all is better I guess.

Jon managed to piss me off.

I’ll try and not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the books, but Jon being chosen as the Lord Commander of The Wall means something huge from A Dance With Dragons is about to happen, and I’m not happy about it. I mean, this thing that’s going to happen might not be what we think (since the end of the book left us on a cliffhanger) and I’m hoping so much that the fan theories will come true.

Brienne kicked some ass.

Oh, Brienne and Pod are pure banter and make GoT a little less dramatic. Last night Brienne and Sansa came face to face in a dirty pub in the middle of nowhere, Sansa being the slut that she is wouldn’t leave Littlefinger for the Lady Brienne, so Brienne decided it was best to slice up his guards, and boy did she perform. I’m a little worried now though for the safety of this after the ‘Jon’ catalyst has been confirmed.

Tyrion got drunk.

No surprise there then. But yes, Tyrion got drunk inside a very lavish moving box (a cart to you and me) and had a heart to heart with Varys about how they are freaks and cannot Lead, but can Advise leaders. This is a huge hint, one that we hope they follow through on.

Cersei got her mojo back.

After bossing Jaime around a little bit she decided she’d go and boss around the council, but her uncle wasn’t falling for her shit and flipped her the metaphorical bird before leaving for Casterley Rock. I like him, he knows his place. This I’m sure will go down hugely well with the new Queen Margaery in the picture, because we all know she’s going to be a dark horse when it comes to the downfall of the wicked witch of King’s Landing.

Oberyn’s brother isn’t that bad.

We got to see Dorne from the eyes of the grieving Royals this episode, and I was surprised how Doran wasn’t a complete ass. He was quite a beliveable character, because although he is angry at the death of his brother, he understands that Oberyn got himself into the fight, he died honorably and that it would be inhumane to take it out on Myrcella since she’s only a child. I think I’m going to like him.

One thing I have gathered from the first 2 episodes of Season 5 is that big things are coming, and I’m not talking about Winter.

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