Awakening you – A review of Jessica Sorensen’s gripping story.

Ayden is trying to sort his new life out after being kidnapped by a cult when he was 14 with his older brother and younger sister. 4 years on, he lives with a loving adoptive family, is dating the girl next door and moving forward with his life. However, after his brother turns up dead and his sister get’t kidnapped again, he has to battle with himself to try and remember anything he can to try and find his sister again.


This book seems really serious, which it is. But Ayden’s relationship with Lyric is also really sweet. she’s very confident but when it comes to Ayden she’s like a quivering mess, and Ayden pushes himself for her because he loves her so much. I think even though the situations are unrealistic, the connection and the naivete are spot on. Teenagers (like myself) get caught up in their emotions and can often get confused with what they want, and what they think other people want.

I’m not as sold on this book as I was the first 2 books, because I expected it to be the final part. When it came to the end I felt a little bit cheated because the book was a little uneventful. I mean, we found out some pretty important things, Lyric and Ayden explored more of their relationship and we finally got a lead on his kidnappers, but I needed something more.

Maybe because of me having expectations of it being the end, I wanted more closure, but now that I know there will be a fourth book, I’m going to feel the same way when I read that. I just felt like this book was an extension on the second one, and didn’t have anything amazing to give me.

I did enjoy the book, and I love the characters and their personalities, I just feel like it’s dragging on a little bit too much. It’s not put me off reading the next book in the series or any other books by Jessica Sorensen, but it has made me think the next book won’t be what I expect either.

Overall score: 6.5/10 (harsh but besides loving the novel, It’s not what I wanted)

What others are saying about this book:

Karlijn on Goodreads: It was a quick read. But it was not so good, exciting and beautiful as the first two books 3/5

Ash on Goodreads: This was just a filler book. Absolutely no progress from the previous book except towards last few pages. 2/5

Witchy Richey on Goodreads: Ugh I so love this series which is why I am frustrated, I want to know what those people did to this poor boy! 5/5

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