#TVTalk – Game of Thrones Season 5 ep.3

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers and should be intended for those of you who want to ruin the show for yourselves or who have read the books/watched the show up to date.***


Brienne showed everyone what it feels like to be a girl. “I realised I was the ugliest girl in the world”

For the third week in a row, I sat down to watch Game of Thrones. Here’s what happened:

Sansa’s choice?

So, Sansa was left with a choice this week, whether the marry the brutal Ramsay Bolton, and it looks like she’s going to, in order to go home to Winterfell. While I used to hate Sansa, I think she’s grown a little in this season so far, showing that she’s more cautious of trusting of people, and that she’s got to play with politics to get what she wants. Well done Sansa!

Arya the impatient

Arya has gone in the opposite direction and started to get whiny. She keeps pestering to get to the next step with the faceless men, and doesn’t understand that it’s a Miyagi moment and she should just roll with it. I am glad she didn’t get rid of Needle completely, because it would break my heart if she broke her promise to Jon.

Cersei vs Margaerey

The war is on! I love Margaerey, I think she’s got a sparkle of evil in her, but she’s overall good natured. While Cersei has had her time terrorising the characters and it’s time for some revenge. In the books there’s a ‘Lady Godiva’ kind of moment, that is certain to happen at some point this season, and I can’t wait.

Jon is taking after his father

Jon had to punish Janos Slynt for disobeying orders, by chopping off his head. Jon hesitated, but remembered a lesson from his father that you have to show them you mean business, and not to take mercy for lawbreaking. I think this was a good and bad idea for Jon, because it would have taught the men to respect him, but this will turn sour some point in the season.

Tyrion likes to ‘talk’

Tyrion still feels guilty about killing Shae. After all, he admitted he couldn’t #’get it up’ anymore to one of the women in the brothel. I think this is something that Tyrion doesn’t show his true feelings about, which means he is one to watch out for when it comes to keeping things to himself, especially if a certain someone turns up this season. *cough* Griff *cough*

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