#TVTalk Game Of Thrones Season 5 ep. 4

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers and should be intended for those of you who want to ruin the show for yourselves or who have read the books/watched the show up to date.***

Game of Thrones

As is tradition on a Monday in my household, we sat down and watched Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. Let’s take a look at what happened:

Jorah is a dick

I love Tyrion, he tells it how it is and doesn’t let people give him shit, he used his disability as a weapon. So Jorah kidnapping him and throwing him about like a sack of potato’s isn’t giving him any chance of getting on my good list anytime soon. Give the imp a break will ya? He’s just lost his father and girlfriend (granted he killed them but they deserved it!).

Sansa’s back in Winterfell

So Sansa is back in Winterfell and took the time to tease the GoT theorists. Basically, there is a theory that Jon Snow isn’t really Ned Starks child, but the child of his sister Lyanna and a product of the rape committed to her by Rhaegar Targaryen, making Jon and Dany related. Sansa talked about the rape, and Lyanna and the sadness of it all. You tease!

Melisandre has nothing to teach Jon

I’m pretty sure the only reason they added the scene with Melisandre and Jon was to equal out the amount of boob in the series so far (it’s been lacking by GoT standards). But the line “you know nothing Jon Snow” made me go “no you didn’t!!!” and pause my TV to calm down. I loved Jon and Ygritte, Meliandre is just a bitch.

Shireen is the cutest kid

Stannis Baratheon isn’t the best of characters, and his god-complex is all twisted. But I did love the scene between him and Shireen. In a world like Westeros you’d expect him to answer the question “do you hate me” with a “yes I do, you’re weak”. But he showed that although he let’s his wife abuse their daughter mentally, he still loves her, and that she will always be his daughter.

Tommen is the second cutest kid

Okay, so he’s only supposed to be 3 years younger than me in the show, but he’s so naive. I know that Cersei has years of manipulating practice, and that Margaery is the perfect match for her when it comes to sparring, but don’t use sweet little Tommen as a weapon, let’s face it, he’s no Joffrey and can’t be a dick if he tried.

Nice moves Jaime

Let’s just mention how great he looks with a tan and that sun bleached blonde hair. But it’s nice to see that Jaime is finally learning how to be a fighter again, use your hand Jaime, use your hand for the defeating of evil!!!!!

We meet the Sand Snakes

We met Oberyns 3 daughter’s this week: Obara, Tyene and Nymeria. They’re totally badass and Cersei should watch out, because although their dad was killed, they’re still awesome fighter’s, I mean Obara straight up speared a guy through the head. That takes some guts

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Have a great day!

Photo credit: Telegraph.co.uk


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