#TVTalk Game of Thrones Season 5 ep 5

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers and should be intended for those of you who want to ruin the show for yourselves or who have read the books/watched the show up to date.***


No Jon! I’m not ready yet!!!

You know the drill, it’s episode 5 of Game of Thrones season 5. Here’s my roundup: Jon is growing up Jon is now making some big decision, which I’m all for him becoming a better and stronger leader, but I’m not prepared for where the story is going. Although I am really liking Stannis as a character, he seems a lot more sane than I thought he was. Go Stannis! Sansa has more willpower than most  How she can stand being in Winterfell with the Boltons I don’t know, and to say she used to be a spoilt brat shows how much we underestimate the ginger from the North. I’m really starting to Like Sansa, and kudos to her for not losing her mind when she sees Theon (or should I say Reek?). Do you think he’ll tell her that he didn’t actually kill her brothers? Dany thought she’d have a BBQ Daenerys wanted to teach the Sons of the Harpy a lesson, so she fed one to her dragons. A little harsh but consider the things they’ve done so far (and the things they will drive her to in the future) they bloody well deserved it! However, I still have to hope a certain Griff will be in the show soon, since the whole “marrying a master” things is seeping into the plot. Let’s hope!! Tyrion and Jorah have a Scooby-doo moment. So, on their journey they come across some stonemen, who are seriously creepy might I add? But it turns out both of the men have been touched by Greyscale, and are under threat. Of course here’s hoping they get cured like little Shireen did, but let’s face it, things are dire. Not much else happened this episode, but we know that by episode 8 it will all start to get crazy, so stay tuned every week for my roundup of the episode, as well as a few book tie-ins and the odd fan theory. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to give it a like, or let me know over on Twitter at: @CharBennett_ or on my Facebook page. Have a great day! Photo credit: Wall Street Journal


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