Falling Sky by Lisa Swallow: a review

Dylan and Sky broke up after some serious allegations were made against him by an ex girlfriend (if you could call her that). But the attraction that pulled them together in their summer beach house holiday was too strong, and they slowly started to fix things, until their relationship is put to test by the police, drugs, alcohol and the rock star life.


I have already reviewed the first book which tells the story of how Dylan and Sky meet, so I was looking forward to getting to finish their story with Falling Sky. I was really happy with how it turned out, and although there will be a third book for Sky and Dylan, I would be happy if it had been left as it was, because I felt the second book wrapped it up quite nicely (not that I’m complaining about another book, keep them coming Lisa).

I love the relationship Dylan has with Sky, how she’s his reason for doing anything, and how she keeps him in line when he’s being too much of a diva, I think that although their relationship doesn’t transfer into real life like a normal relationship, that element of their relationship would reflect upon most relationships.

One thing I didn’t like was how quick Sky was to forgive Dylan. She kept saying she wouldn’t forgive him so easily, but within a couple of pages it was as if nothing had happened. I think this made it feel a little rushed, but other than that, the book was brilliant.

I really recommend Lisa’s books, and this would suit the more mature crowd, because it deals with a lot of issues, different to normal YA novels where the problem is something trivial. I think you have to bear in mind that this is a serious book with the problems it talks about, with the drugs and the overdosing, but once you understand them it makes the story that much better.

Overall, this book was a really nice way to carry on Dylan and Sky’s story, and I am looking forward to reading more of Lisa’s work in the future.

Overall score: 8/10 (felt a little rushed, but a very good story)

What others are saying about this book:

Bing on Goodreads: I’m so glad I read this book because whatever complaints I had with Sky in the first book, she totally redeemed herself here. 4/5

Siobhan on Goodreads:  I loved how both of them matured and developed as characters and how their relationship changed from being a sort of ‘crutch’ to a true partnership.  4/5

Patricia on Goodreads: The story got me hooked from the very beginning which was the exact same place of Summer Sky ending. 4/5

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