Soul Ties by Lisa Swallow: A review

Ava is a soul-hunter. She collects souls from unassuming demons to be re-purposed for a war between demons and the Caelestia. While on a mission to Earth to collect a demon soul, she realises there’s more to the war than she’s been led to believe, and sets out on a mission with the demon she was sent after to set the souls free. While falling in love with Kier things get complicated when she’s given an ultimatum: get his soul, or be sent to hell.


I loved this book. I’m usually hesitant to read books when they are heavily supernatural, but in this case I’m glad I read it. It reminded me of Abbi Glines’ Existence series, although the stories were very very different, it had the same kind of pace and a similar level of paranormal which I liked.

Lisa’s writing style is very real (as I’ve mentioned before) and that’s why I love to read her books. She makes the emotions and the thoughts more realistic to what I imagine I would think/feel in the same situations. This is a very good book to read if you’re looking for a change in genre but not wanting to get thrown in the deep end.

This story is one I would have liked more of, because I felt like the end was a little abrupt. But despite this, I really did enjoy reading Soul ties, and I would highly recommend any of Lisa’s books if you’re looking for something different or something a little more real.

Overall score: 9/10 (Very good story, a little more at the end would have been nice)

What others are saying about this book:

Rebecca on Goodreads:  It’s the kind of book you can’t stop reading once you start. 5/5

Danielle on Goodreads: I really can’t fault this book, once you get used to the whiplash from all the twists and turns! 5/5

Serena on Goodreads:  Every time the book seemed to lead a certain way and I felt like I had worked out what was going to happen next, it took a completely different turn and surprised me. 5/5

I’ve also reviewed 3 other books by Lisa. Summer Sky, Falling Sky and Because of Lucy.

If you would like to read Soul ties, it’s currently free on Amazon Kindle so you can get it now and start reading!

You can find Lisa on Twitter at: @Lisa_Swallow_Au she’s really friendly and always up for a chat so go and say hey. I’m also a lover of Twitter and can be found at: @CharBennett_ or over on my Facebook page.

Have a great day!

Photo credit: Goodreads


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