Why I couldn’t finish ‘In The End’ by Isabella Redwood

Sophia is drowning in debt and needs to find a new job, pronto, before being thrown out of her apartment. When she gets the job as a live-in nanny at a mansion out of town, she’s ecstatic, until she get’s shot on her way home. Returning to her new post, she falls in love with the father of the kids she’s looking after, and things take off from there.


I didn’t finish this book. I made it to page 93 of my kindle and closed it with a shudder. And now i know not to judge a book by its cover.

The reason you may ask? It. was. awful!

It started off okay, giving you the hints that it might be a little more supernatural than originally thought, hinting that the home owner Nicholi could maybe be a vampire? Or something more realistic like a mob boss. But I don’t know, because I never got to find out.

Then it starts to get annoying, but it was still an okay read at this point, and for a free kindle book I’m not going to expect amazing things so early on in the book. Then it happened. They fell in love.

But the thing that made me press the home button on my kindle? IT WAS AFTER 1 DAY!

After 1 day of kissing and saying I love you’s, (bear in mind that they kissed in the morning and then went away to a cabin with the kids the next day) Nicholi said he wanted to MARRY her. They’d known each other a week, and had only just kissed each other, but this guy was all like “ooh I want to marry you, I can’t imagine life without you, blah blah blah” and that was just wrong.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with falling in love after a week of knowing someone, and I’m not saying the writing style of this book was bad, because it was actually very good, but I just feel like I was cheated of a good story because I don’t know of anyone who would tell someone they’ve just met that they should get married and have kids. That only happens in Vegas when you’re swimming in Tequila.

Sorry Isabella Redwood, I just can’t get invested in this idea of whirlwind romance, even if it’s just a book. I’d like there to be more of a realistic timeline.

So that’s why I couldn’t finish In The End. I just felt like the story got ruined by this and couldn’t redeem itself afterwards.

Overall score: 3/10 (started off good, ruined by a proposal)

I can’t show you any other thoughts for this book as the internet doesn’t seem to have any, but the general rating on amazon is 4/5 stars (which doesn’t seem right because there are no reviews).

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Have a great day!

Photo credit: angelamcaldwell.com


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