Connector by I The Mighty [ALBUM REVIEW]

The time has come, let the fanfare play their merry songs and break out the Prosecco, because the long awaited album ‘Connector’ by I The Mighty is finally out (well, nearly).


I first heard about this band back in early 2012 when I was still a moody college student, and I honestly think they saved me from boredom. At the time, I was in a bit of a ‘musical rut’ and was trying desperately to discover new music. During this time, I discovered some other great artists like Eisley, Yellowcard, Set It Off, Karen Elson and Manchester Orchestra. But out of all of these brilliant musicians, only 1 band stuck to me like glue……

I The Mighty


What I mean is that these guys quickly became my favourite band, not because of just ‘liking’ their music, but all of the elements that came together to make their music. Brent has a voice like no other, and can hit those high notes as well as sing his lyrics with a sinister lilt. Speaking of lyrics, they just make sense. All of them are well thought through and have underlying meanings, making it more than just songs with lyrics, it’s like a story is being told, and I find that hard to come by.

I know it sounds like I’m trying to promote this band, but they really don’t need it, their music speaks for itself.

So let’s talk about ‘Connector’ – which is their newest album.

I can’t really explain the style, because as with the other 2 albums (Karma Never Sleeps and Satori) they sound very different to each other. The only one I could compare it to would be 7 – which is Brent Walsh’s solo album.

I suggest you listen to the album from beginning to end, but I’ve gotten into a habit of skipping to my favourites first, which are Lady of Death, The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray and Slow Dancing Forever (which made me cry by the way, thanks for that guys).

The album also had guest vocals from the likes of no other than Say Anything’s singer Max Bemis, and who I assume is Colleen D’Agostino (could be wrong, but she sounds similar to the Satori female guest singer) from The Material. — EDIT – I’ve just found it it’s actually Sierra Kay from VersaEmerge.

It is released properly on June 2nd, and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy and a funky new T-shirt to add to my collection.

You can purchase it via their MERCHNow page and if you’re lucky enough to live in the states (unlike me, come to the UK please?) then they are touring soon and the dates/times etc. can all be found here on Songkick.

If you’d like to hear it before it’s official release, then you can listen via this playlist below, originally hosted by Fuse.

As usual, be sure to follow them over on Twitter at: @ithemighty or over on Facebook. If you’d like more information about the album or their tour, I’m sure they’d be happy to let you know.

You can also follow me on Twitter at: @CharBennett_ or over on my Facebook page, I always love to chat.

Have a great day!

Photo credits: Equalvision (album cover) & newnoisemagazine (band photo)


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