Parklife 2015 – My weekend

Last weekend Manchester held one of it’s most popular festivals – Parklife weekender.


I was lucky enough to get a free VIP guestpass for the weekend, so I decided I would go with my friends and enjoy myself. This blog post is basically my experience, my pros and cons of festivals and things I’d do different if I went again.

Saturday 6th June – Morning.

I woke up at around 7am on Saturday morning, ready to get dressed and do my make up in order to be at my friend Kirstie’s for 8am. **Suggestion, wake up an extra half an hour earlier to your alarm because I was tired and my brain didn’t want to cooperate with my hands.

After making myself look somewhat decent, I head over to my friend Kirstie’s to help her get ready to leave for the train at 8.30.

Here we are on the train looking peng as f**k!


We’re totally going for the boho chic look

We met up with Rosie (my friend who got us the tickets) at the venue after waiting in the VIP line for an HOUR! and getting sniffed by scary dogs and searched within an inch of our lives. The VIP section was pretty cool, made up of a VIP bar, seating area, posh toilets and a street food section.

Who’d like to see my food? I got nachos with BBQ pulled pork, Jalepenos, pickled cabbage, ranch dressing and cheese sauce from a stall called Happy Hombres ❤ 2015-06-10 17-13-48

Food aside, we spent the day walking around, watching the various artists in the tents, eating more food, drinking extortionately priced drinks and getting dust in our eyes.

Here are some selfies – This is a selected few from a LOT!

11412221_1591642751084351_3779063153563955961_n 11412423_1591642537751039_2585428094286133338_n 11377152_1591653851083241_1871827839467980120_n

See how I get worse looking throughout the day? That’s because it was hot, then raining then windy and whew! I was a hot damn mess!

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of a festival:


-A good way to see many artists in one weekend, instead of multiple gigs a year

-Hella pretty instagram pictures

-Great fun and makes you feel like a rockstar

-Memories to be made


-It’s super expensive (more on this later)

-It’s very tiring, especially for someone like me with problems like anemia and asthma.

-There are points in the day where you may feel a little bored/fed up/tired but you don’t want to leave.

-Planning ahead doesn’t always guarantee smooth sailing (more on this next)

Basically, I loved going to Parklife, i had so much fun with my friends and had an experience I doubt I’ll be able to relive. But, problems occurred with our travel on the way home, meaning we had to cross the motorway, walk for an hour and half, loose our taxi and getting home late.

It was also very expensive. I drank little in terms on alcohol,  having maybe 4 or 5 drinks throughout the day along with water and food, and I ended up spending a total of £80 on that alone. Plus the money for taxis, bus pass and clothes, my weekend/day cost me altogether in the ballpark of around £200.  I suggest that if you go to a festival, try and not drink, just stick to water and limit yourself with how much food you buy, even if those doughnuts are to die for!

So, going to a festival this summer?  Just don’t do what I did and do everything last minute and you should be fine.

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You can also check out my friend Rosie: @rosemarygrace who is super cool, has epis hair game and can rock red lipstick like no other. And there’s Kirstie: @KirstiiiLouise who is a Performing Arts student, Likes her crop tops and has the sassiest attitude ever.

Have a great day!

(can you tell that I’m out of my comfort zone writing this blog post? It’s because I went to the dentist today and have major rage at my gums right now, so I’m sorry if it’s lame and unstructured) #dentistssuckhard


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