#TVTalk – What is Teen Wolf ‘s Deputy Jordan Parrish?

I’ve been watching Teen Wolf pretty much since season 1, and I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite shows. Why, you may ask? It’s because of the secrets.

Teen wolf’s writers have a very good way of keeping secrets, so much so that major plotlines aren’t even revealed to the cast until the day of filming. Now, after nearly 5 years of watching the show, I’ve gotten into a habit with my friends to try and theorise the story before each episode, gathering information from new episodes and adding to those theories.

However, I have theories still untouched from last season, and they’re mostly about Deputy Jordan Parrish.

Oh the slice of perfection that is Deputy Parrish has been a bit of a mystery since he joined the cast in Season 3, however season 4’s deadpool list proved that he was more than just a hot police officer.

He was hot in other ways……


holy mother of all things pure, he is damn fine!

The deadpool last season was all about killing off the supernaturals in town, which comes to tell us, why would jordan be on the list he wasn’t at least a little bit special?

Let’s look at the clues gathered so far:

  1. Parrish has be supernatural because of the deadpool.

It’s kind of a given that he’s got some kind of power just from being on the deadpool. There would be no other reason for him to be on it otherwise, so this leads us to more clues – the amount his head was worth.

Parrish was on the list for $5 million, which is a considerable amount compared to the majority of wolves who were as low as 250K. This is showing us that he’s something a little more rare than a normal wolf, or a kitsune.

  1. If Parrish was wolfy, he would have an Aura.

So we got to see Scott use his senses to show Kira her Aura. If Parrish was a wolf of any sort, Scott would have either sensed it out like he does with every other wolf, or he would have an aura like Kira does. this shows us that Parrish is something different to just a plain old wolf.

  1. Teen Wolf likes to use Folklore.

We know by now that the writers of Teen wolf like to use folklore from different cultures to write up their monsters. So far we.ve had lots of Japanese lore in Season 3, and season 4 had a heavy focus on MExican and Spanish lore. So many it’s time to delve into another….

  1. He is ‘immune’ to fire.

We saw in season 4, that Parrish was doused in gasoline and set alight, only to be totally fine (minus some clothes). This is a huge clue to his true form. Lots of theories are suggest that he is a phoenix, however, based on folklore around the creature, I feel like this is unlikely. I think this because there isn’t a lot of Lore around phoenixes taking the human form, and I don’t think there’s enough substance to shape a whole series around it.

  1. BONUS** he is connected to Camden Lahey.

So in season 3, we hear Parrish talk about why he came to Beacon hills. He mentions that he felt ‘drawn there’. This was a big clue since Deacon told the trio that once they crossed over through worlds, the town would be become somewhere supernaturals would feel drawn to (hence suspicion about Parrish started).

What is the connection then with Camden?

Well, Parrish is around 24 years old, making him the same age as Camden (if he were still alive). They were both in the army at the same time, and probably both deployed in the same place.

My feelings are that they knew each other, or were at least in the same vicinity of each other when Camden was killed. There’s no real specifics as to what killed him, it was just ‘died in combat’.

This comes in to play on my theory on what Parrish is.

So, what do I think he is?

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!

I think he is a Djinn.

Djinn are from Muslim folklore, and are the premise of modern tales about Genies. Now before you dismiss this because of that link, let me explain my theory.

Djinn are similar to Kitsunes in the way they are ‘tricksters’ but they usually have different intentions. Kitsunes trick people to keep their identity more secret, whereas Djinn are more mischievous. Whether good or bad (most are one or the other, or somewhere in the middle which could prove to make him either a goodie like we think he is or a future bad guy?) Djinn can shapeshift, mainly into human form and are said to come from smoke. Ringing any bells? (by the way, S4’s final episode was called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, in which Parrish is offered help from the bestiary, Smoke could mean him as a Djinn and the mirrors can mean his ability to trick and disguise himself)

They are practically made from fire, they can take human form, and they are quite mysterious. Sound like anyone we know?

There’s more! They thrive from chaos. This would play into his profession as a bomb disposal expert in the army. The amount of chaos and danger involved would certainly help with his thirst for it. and if you think about it, where he was deployed is mostly Muslim in terms of religion.

It also works for his timing, he arrived in beacon falls just as it was starting to get really interesting.


He’s just so adorable!

** So back to Camden, I feel like there was a bomb, and Camden was trapped in the vicinity while Parrish was trying to disarm it. To try and keep calm, Parrish asks camden questions about himself, specifically where he’s from. Camden tells him how great Beacon Hills is, but ultimately Parrish cannot disarm the bomb and it explodes, killing Camden in the process.

Following this, Parrish was triggered and felt like he needed to start fresh in Beacon Hills.


This is what I’ve got so far from the previous seasons, and I’m standing firmly by my belief that this is what Parrish is. However, this can always change and it will be interesting to see whether I am right or not.

Season 5 of Teen Wolf starts on June 29th on MTV and I will be starting a new #TVTalk specifically for the season. So stay tuned to see what I make of each episode in the coming months right here on my blog.

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Have a great day!

Photo credits: channelguidemagblog.com, tumblr.


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