#TVTalk – What it’s like to watch Gilmore Girls all over again.

I first watched an episode of Gilmore Girls around 6 years ago after someone on Habbo Hotel was talking about it with their friend (how cliche I found my love on Habbo Hotel).

I never really understood it, until 3 years later when I turned 16 and needed to find something new to watch. At the time, my exams had just finished, and with a 6 week summer ahead of me, I did a quick Google search to try and end my boredom issues. What appeared was Gilmore Girls and the fabulosity that is Lorelai Gilmore.


For those of you haven’t watched the show (which you should by the way) Lorelai is the eccentric and cool mum to a 16 year old daughter (after having her at a young age herself). Their life is simple and they live together in perfect bliss, often referencing pop culture and movies, they have a unique relationship with each other.

So, after nearly 3 years since I finished Season 7 for the first time, I’m re-watching them all. Sure, I’ve seen episodes more than once, often reruns are on TV and I can’t help but tune in, so what has it been like so far?

I see Lorelai and Rory’s relationship in a different way.

When I was 16 I thought that they were the best thing to ever happen to TV, and Lorelai especially inspired me. She was quirky and fun and everyone loved her, and I couldn’t help but love her too. But now that I’ve begun to rewatch it from a more mature perspective, I can see the difference in her being a fun mum to becoming a good mum. What I mean is that the two are not synonymous, the good mum sets more boundaries for the child’s protection whereas the fun mum is less restrictive.

It’s weirder than I remember.

Granted, it’s always been a little bit quirky, but the jokes and comments seem to be a little bit weirder this time around, like Lane’s character for example. When I first watched the show, she was a little dorky but overall her character was well rounded, however now I can see her thought processes and the whole ‘hair touching’ incident can’t be forgiven so easily, Lane.

The jokes are funnier

For a start, I actually get the jokes now rather than them fly through one ear and out of the other. The pop culture references may be a little outdated now but I can finally understand what Lorelai meant by “She is Smart, she is Anthony Michael Hall in Breakfast Club smart”.

It’s like a fine cheese, matures with age.

It’s kind of a point I already made, but not only did I get older, it seem that the longer the time goes without watching it, just makes it that much better. It’s like getting to re-watch it for the first time again and again.

After that, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my binge watch with the knowledge that while underrated by pop culture and by my generation, Gilmore Girls is, and always will be one of the most well written and hilarious show ever shown on TV.

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