#TVTalk – Teen wolf S5 Ep1

After the events of season 4, it’s hard to imagine just how Season 5 is going to play out. And now that we’ve seen episode 1, we’re left baffled and confused about the many goings on in Beacon Hills.

Scott and his pack are stronger than ever, even if they are missing one vital person, Allison. I’m sure this season is going to be a whirlwind of emotions and confusion with one epic finale episode.

So, what happened?

Lydia is at Eichen House.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Lydia in Eichen house, clearly away with the fairies and not very responsive. After some verbal abuse and a bit of creepy stabbing from who I will call ‘Stabby McGee’ Lydia just goes all crazy and starts fighting (like a ninja) with the guards. She keeps seeing Aiden, which is just weird, why not Allison? Turns out this is set in the future, after the events we are seeing after, starting with senior year with her psychologist getting her to remember the fates of her friends, some dramatic foreshadowing is always welcome MTV.


Parrish has a lot to learn.

Parrish begs the Sheriff to go on a proper job instead of desk work, and while seeming like a harmless noise complaint, it turns out the stud is actually walking into a trap, one complete with leaky walls and a really dirty wolf. After he regenerates himself at the hospital, right in front of mamma McCall and the sheriff, he’s acting like “oh well okay, I’m fine, it’s just a graze” even though he was clawed pretty bad.


hey there handsome!

The power problems

The first episode is a stormy one, and there are problems with the power in Beacon Hills. not only that, but it seems something is causing some magnetic interference in the McCall household, our newest bad guy maybe?

Kira and Scott might have problems

Although by the end of the episode we see that Kira and Scott are going strong, there was a moment between Kira and the sexy new wolfboy Theo. Maybe there’s some competition for our resident hottie?

Let’s talk about that kiss

Well, the almost kiss. Between Parrish and LYDIA! might I mention the crazy lydia from the opening scene. I ship these two so bad, and giving us and ‘almost’ kiss was cheeky of you, I’m talking to you Jeff Davis!

The Wild Hunt

It’s looking like the sneaky storytelling in the car may be some foreshadowing (or a hint to the end of The Witcher 3?). After a little bit of research (because I’m thorough like that) it turns out The Wild Hunt have horses and packs of dogs, but in this sense it looks like the dogs are werewolves. Maybe an explanation into who Theo is really on the side of. This could be synonymous with the Sluagh we know is coming, since they are soul snatchers who stay in flocks like birds, just like when the doctors/wild hunt? killed the wolf.

Parrish theory update**

So to update on my Parrish theory post, let’s look at the hints and clues in this episode. His eyes are still glowy, but they flicker, like a spark. Maybe he’s connected to whoever is making lightening hit the ground?


I feel like I’ve hit the nail on the head by saying Doctor Valack (seen in Season 4 showing Peter hale something horrific) is the Sluagh. In mythology, Sluagh were said to cause chaos and destruction and death to anyone who looked at them, often children would cover their eyes to avoid this danger. This seems like a pretty big hint into this theory, as well as him appearing as Aiden to Lydia, he also made her show us the future.


Thoughts for the next episode.

There’s obviously going to be some teenage drama with jealousy and trust, but I think we’re going to get a better understanding on who the doctors/wild hunt are and what they are after. So far we don’t really know why they are after Scott, but I’m sure they will plant the seed early in the series.

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