#TVTalk – Teen wolf S5 Ep2

For the series premiere of Teen Wolf season 5, we’ve been treated to two consecutive episodes to kick it off. Last night we saw many things, but does any of it actually mean anything?

After a confusing start, we can already see that this season of Teen Wolf is going to be as weird and wonderful as ever. Let’s take a look at Episode 2.


…a hole of emotions!

What happened?

We meet Tracy
Tracy has been having night terrors, and seems like she’s going to stick around for a while this season. After some pretty creepy nightmares and some strange occurrences, she was finally taken by the doctors and turned into the wolf/eagle hybrid. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, the wild hunt are often followed by flocks of birds and wolf packs, so it would make sense to combine to two and create a hybrid. Will Tracy be someone they can save, or is she too far gone?

Parrish and Lydia are too cute for words.

I’ve been shipping Lydia and Parrish for a while now, because c’mon, they are adorable! The two decided to rendezvous at midnight in order to ‘keep an eye on Tracy’ but we know it’s just an excuse to give each other sexy glances. Nice going Lydia with the coffee move, works every time.

Stiles is suspicious

Never doubt the mastery that is Stiles’ gut instinct. He’s always known when someone was lying or hiding something, so why doubt him now? Anyway, we see that Stiles is in fact right about Theo, and it turns out he’s into torturing his fake parents. Creepy.


Scott has ambition

I always assumed Scott would become a vet, or are the writers trying to make it seem like it’s a big shock? I know that it’s because it’s senior year and they are leaving school soon but still, the scenes where they are talking about biology felt a little bit unnecessary to me.

The Doctors are just eww

The Doctor’s/Wild hunt kind of remind me of a cross between slipknot and The Empty Child from Doctor Who. Needless to say they are extremely creepy, and I wouldn’t want to be the Beacon Hills gang right now because things are going to get weird(er).

Parrish theory update**

We didn’t really get any clues this episode, except maybe one from Lydia when they were talking about not being able to find his creature in literature.

I think I’m going to be really far fetched right now and say maybe because they didn’t consider holy text, like the Quran? I’m still holding my thoughts that Parrish is a Djinn(Djinni) so let’s see what next week’s episode brings.


More on the Wild hunt/Sluagh

I think it’s fair to say that Dr Valack is the Sluagh (as mentioned in this post) and he is working with The Wild Hunt. The hybrid bird/wolves are a pretty big sign of that. As to their motives, maybe Valack made Peter see into the future and the things he saw were pretty gruesome, maybe Scott has more power than we realised.
However, the fact remains that in yesterday’s episode the hybrid was trying to kill scott to ‘remove the obstacle’ so it might be that they are after someone else in Scott’s pack, like Malia? After all she is the child of Peter and the lone wolf, which holds some mystery to her power, as well as the connection with peter and Valack. We will see…

Thoughts for next week’s episode.

Next week’s episode sneak peaks looks like it’s going to be the start of the fighting. Scott will be front and center again as the war between his pack and these hybrids breaks out. I also think we’ll get more insight into Theo’s life, and maybe a few more clues about Parrish.

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