#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep3

Last night MTV treated us to our third episode of this season of Teen Wolf, and boy was it an eye opener! From revelations about Tracy, to some old friends making an appearance it was a fantastic episode. What is next week going to bring us? Are we going to get more clues about our hunky deputy? Are we going to get more insight into the crazy crazy boy Theo?


what it feels like to wait for next week’s episode

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Tracy is causing trouble.

After last week’s episode we were kind of wondering what Tracy would be doing, and it turns out she would become a murderer. After killing her father and setting a new face free from a moving police van, she heads on over to the hospital to kill her psychiatrist. Crazy!! But not only that, she hooks her claws into another new face and shows us that the bully Liam has been struggling with might be next on the Doctor’s list.

Liam and Mason the dynamic duo.

Now that Mason knows that Liam and the gang are supernaturals, he’s getting into some ‘intense’ situations. After hunting down the hole Liam fell into and realising Tracy was buried in one, he seems to be holding himself pretty well so far. The same can not be said when it comes to being around hot guys though, we get where your struggles are Mason, we get it! ❤


Deaton is back in the game.

We’ve not seen much of Deaton recently so, when the guys bring Tracy to him at the clinic, it’s not long before some pretty gross stuff with her spine happens, turns out Tracy is actually a Kanima. I was kind of hoping we’d get to see some more of Jackson but not all of our hopes and dreams can come true can they?


Malia is learning.

Besides being a terrible driver, Malia struggles to understand the difference between right and wrong sometimes and can’t empathise with a lot of people. But this week Malia showed that you don’t have to kill in order the save the world when she woke Tracy up from her sleep paralysis.

Sheriff has a date

Poor mama McCall! The sheriff decided that Mrs Martin was a better match for him, but his date was cut short when Tracy turned up at the precinct to release her anger out on Lydia’s mum. Looks like more people than necessary are getting involved in the supernatural stuff this season, which might turn out to be a bad thing when it all starts to get out of hand.


Parrish theory update** 

Still no more clues about what Parrish would be, but Jeff Davis did say we wouldn’t really get to find out until the end of the series, so here’s hoping they at least give us some more clues to live off soon.

Sluagh update**

I mentioned in my last post that I thought Dr Valack would be the sluagh, which I am now wrong about. After my friend told me the Sluagh was cast as a teenage boy, It got me thinking into what Valack could be, since that was what made sense to me. I guess when we have more clues the research can begin.

Thoughts for next week’s episode

I think next week we will learn more about Hayden and why she healed so fast after getting her arm cut open by Tracy. I’m assuming that she’s going to be a creature we’ve already met in the show, since they took the route of the Kanima with Tracy. I think all hell will break loose with Donovan undergoing his ‘change’ but what he is might still be a mystery.

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2 thoughts on “#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep3

  1. Ms. Saz says:

    I thought for sure Tracy was faking it when Melia woke her up from her sleep paralysis. I kept saying “No Melia, don’t fall for it” but as it turned out Tracy wasn’t faking it. Sucks what happened to her, tho. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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