#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep4

This week in Teen Wolf we got straight into the good stuff and finally have more clues to go with our yummy deputy parrish. The aftermath of episode 3 was explained and some sexual tension between Lydia and Parrish graced our screens.


So, what happened?

The dread doctors

Malia is sleuthing for clues on who the doctors are, because frankly everyone seems to be ignoring her so far. While in Tracy’s bedroom so comes across a book called The Dread Doctors with a picture of this season’s bad guys on the front. I’m not sure yet if this is supposed to be fiction or a factual books telling folklore etc. One thing is for sure, the guys are going to be reading into this a lot more next week.


I was talking to my friend after last week’s episode and as soon as I saw Donovan’s eyes I knew he was a Wendigo. Which is a pretty big clue into what’s to come in the show. As I mention in this post, the creatures we’re going to see are mainly going to be ones we’ve already seen on the show. So that brings up the question, will they get Kira? It sounds far fetched but with the problems she’s been having already and the fact that she’s a kitsune, the doctors might try and turn her into a hybrid wolf herself. After all,, we’ve been told numerous times that wolves and foxes don’t get along.


Liam is badass

So, Liam and his buddies end up going to the aptly named clue ‘Sinema’ where some strange goings on occur when Lucas (a hybrid scorpion) tries to attack. But out of everyone there, including Scott, Liam is the one who ends up being the savior. This might be some foreshadowing on who will take over the pack when Scott goes to College, maybe Liam is starting to gain more abilities as a wolf. Who knows?

The rules are changing.

As Deaton said, the rules are being changed, and the rules to the supernatural world aren’t as rigid as he once thought. This is apparent in Lydia. If you don’t remember, we see in Season 2 that she eats some Kanima venom, which turns out she can’t be paralysed by. So when she’s struck down by the Kanima Hybrid and ends up being paralysed, we’re seeing a little bit of this change here.

Parrish is hot, hot, hot!

Yes, we finally get some more insight into Parrish’s abilities. He’s been dreaming about taking bodies to the nemeton and burning them. He doesn’t seem happy about it though. I still believe that he could be a Djinn, but I think it’s fair to say that he’s probably a Salamander. I don’t like it, since it doesn’t seem to fit him as well as the Djinn does, but after all of the stuff that’s been going on it’s a fair assumption. However, I still feel the Djinn has precedence since Lydia mentioned that they had looked in all of the bestiaries and found nothing. Salamanders are prominent in them so it seems a little strange if he turns out to be one after that comment.


Valack is Valac

So after my confusion in last week’s post, it turns out that Valack is a demon called Valac (duh?!) who is said to speak truths and I quote ” where serpents can be seen, and delivers them harmless to the magician” pretty cryptic, but could back up the popular theory that Parrish is a salamander. As well as the Kanima, scorpion….see a pattern?

Thoughts for next week’s episode

More Hayden maybe? She’s becoming more and more a part of the series, so I’m guessing the story has to tip to her and Liam at some stage soon. I also think the fighting classes between Lydia and Parrish will start next week, since she looked like she was in pain, and it being so soon after her operation it would make sense.

Comic-Con trailer thoughts

Valack is heard over some disturbing clips from the season coming up, talking about how many people died the last time the dread doctors came, and how many will die this time. Maybe it’s 10, just a hunch since they told Lydia to keep counting down from 10. Scott and Kira are having problems because of Kira’s powers, Stiles is worried, Liam is in trouble and Hayden is next on the doctor’s list. It’s all going to get crazy real soon.

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Have a great day!

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