#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep5

It’s that time of week again where I look back on the latest episode of Teen Wolf to put my theories to the test. This week got juicy with a special appearance from Dr. Valack and the creepy Dread Doctors. We also got to fill a few plot holes from the last few seasons of Teen Wolf.


Let’s take a look:

Stiles is freaking out

The last episode of teen Wolf showed us Stiles getting manhandled by the Wendigo Donovan. So this week’s episode started out that way, with Stiles leading donovan into the school library for a game of hide and seek. After some dad slashing from our newest Wendigo Stiles climbed up some scaffolding only to pull the key on it and impale donovan, killing him. We all know that Scott is totally against killing the bad guys, so this could mark the start of the fall of the bromance. Kudos to Dylan O’Brien though for the acting in this episode, it was on par with Nogitsune Stiles from Season 3b.

A visit to Eichen House

Stiles, Lydia, Scott and Kira go to Eichen house after discovering that Valack knew the author of the Dread Doctors book. While there, Kira and Scott are stopped by mountain ash and leave Stydia to go on without them. While talking to Valack they learn that it triggers memories of the Dread doctors to whoever has read the book. Valack used his information as a bargain to get a banshee scream from Lydia, leading to him breaking out of eichen House in the end of the episode.


Malia remembers

After we find out the information that it triggers memories of the Dread doctors, we see that Malia remember the night her adopted mother drove the car off the road, and that the desert wolf was the cause of it. So, the desert wolf is connected to the dread doctors??

This makes total sense as to why Peter can’t remember the desert wolf at all, after all, the Dread doctors make you forget you ever saw them.

Kira has gone cray cray

Kira is losing her control over her Kitsune powers to the spirit within her. We’re starting to see this with the random japanese dialogue and her loss of control in the last few episodes. The promo for the series shows us that she stabs scott and tries to kill him, although we know he’s fine, it makes us wonder what the hell is going on with her.

Parrish theory update**

So, we only saw parrish for a few seconds this episode, since he is the one who’s been feeding the failures to the nemeton. I still think he’s a Djinn, but it is making me question it since we don’t know why he’s doing it yet, obviously the nemeton feeds off of the supernatural and sacrifices so it could be his way of gaining more power as a djinni.

The Desert Wolf theory:

I’m not really sure if anyone else has thought of this, but a with everything in Teen wolf, everything we see has a purpose to the story. I have my theory on who the desert wolf really is……..Paige.


So if you remember many seasons back to when Derek told us the story of when he had to kill his girlfriend Paige under the Nemeton because she has been bitten and was rejecting the bite, in turn causing the nemeton to be trigger with the sacrifice. Of course, Peter knew Paige and wasn’t exactly a good influence back then, and my theory is that Paige didn’t really die.

I think she eventually accepted the bite, but as derek killed her after a while she healed herself and came back to life, after all Kate did this so we know it’s possible. Then, something has happened where she’s met the dread doctors and they’ve either made her sleep with Peter or they’ve used Peter and made her pregnant themselves. Fast Forward to Season 4 where Valack shows Peter his hidden memories, this is probably him remembering Malia’s mum, the dread doctors and maybe even being used to artificially make Malia.

After all, Peter was technically the last one to see Paige after her death since he told Derek he would take care of her body.

The only problem I can see is that the ages might not add up properly, but we’ve never had a definitive age for Derek in present day, so even though his fake driver’s license says he is 25 in the first season, the fact that it’s fake makes me question if he’s maybe older than that?

Now we know Malia’s mum is related to them, and that she tried to kill Malia, it might mean that she was doing it in order to stop them coming back, like they are now.

It seems a little bit jagged right now and there are huge plot and narrative holes so I’ll keep adding to this as the season goes on, let me know what you think?

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Have a great day!

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