#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep6

It’s finally getting juicier in this season of Teen wolf, with more and more being discovered each week. Things are starting to become clear that things are not always what they seem, and the gang are starting to get into even more trouble. Each week I take a look at the highlights of the show and bring you my theories, thoughts and reactions.


So, what happened this week?

The lines are blurred

As Deaton said, the lines of what we know about the supernatural are starting to blur, which was shown this week when Scott’s asthma came back from season 1. We know that the reason he no longer needs it is because of him being a wolf, so what’s this saying about his alpha powers? We also saw him trigger a memory to when he was younger and had his arm messed up by a dog, I’m assuming it pulled him so hard it chafed his wrist, but what does this have to do with the dread doctors?

Liam’s got a crush

So I ship Liam and Hayden so bad, they’re just adorable together, and we find out that Hayden had a kidney transplant a few years ago, assuming it’s from the guy we saw being cut open all glowy and stuff since her eyes are seriously weird. So what is Hayden? So far I have no theories except that she maybe something to do with water? We’ve not had a water based creature yet and she reminds me of a jellyfish or electric eel. Who knows?

Banshee, you’re up!

So we got to see a lot of Lydis this episode, and she’s been having memories of when she was little and found her grandmother had drilled a hole into her head, assuming it was to get rid of the banshee things she heard. She also seems to think that her operation memory is not actually hers, but someone else’s. Turns out it was whoever’s kidney went to Hayden.


Kira is crazy!

So Theo recorded Kira speaking her japanese and showed scott after some digging. Turns out she’s saying “I am death’s servant” (according to Japanese people that’s a better translation to messenger). So Kira’s Kitsune is taking over her. What I want to know is why she hasn’t brought her problems up with her mum, since her mum is like 900 years old and seems to know a lot about it. Surely she knows something?

Stiles’ choice

Stiles is still cut up about what happened to Donovan, and in the end of the episode we see Theo cut out the throat of the newest Chimera. Stiles seems to believe that he should tell on Theo to Scott, showing that he’s conflicted over what’s right and wrong. This might be leftover trauma from Season 3b when he was taken over by the nogitsune, he’s been different ever since and shown that he’s not as happy as he used to be.

Parrish theory update**

Nothing in this episode so far has been a clue, but something to add onto my Djinn theory is that they are made from smokeless fire, which we see when he’s flaming at the nemeton, there is no smoke. The only time we see smoke is when the car was set on fire, and we know that wasn’t him, so the smoke came from the car. I also feel like the reason he’s bringing the bodies to the nemeton is maybe a conscience thing?


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Have a great day!

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