#TVTalk – Teen wolf S5 Ep7

This week’s episode of Teen wolf was intense, so intense that Twitter blew up about the goings on in Beacon Hills. The pack are starting to show signs of wear and tear with their friendships put to the test, Stiles is keeping secrets from Scott, Kira is betraying herself and we don’t even know what’s going on with Parrish and Lydia.


Let’s take a closer look:

Stiles’ bonding with the resident bad boy

Stiles and Theo staked out the veterinary practise to try and see who is taking the bodies. while doing so, they had a heart to heart in the jeep while waiting for the thief to show up. It was more of a mandatory thing, since Stiles doesn’t trust Theo and we know Theo isn’t what he seems. They talked about Donovan mainly, and we all died a little bit inside when stile said that his punishment would be losing Scott.

Kira has finally lost it

Kira’s mum tried to duel with her at the school, she seems to know something is going on (about 6 episodes too late Mrs Yukimura). After a quick sparr Kira almost kills her mum, but her dad steps in at the right minute. We also saw that she’d turned the acupuncture needles her mum used into the number 115, what could this mean? She also killed someone. The very last scene of the episode is Mama McCall walking into the kitchen to find a dead body on her table with Kira’s sword stabbed into it, we don’t recognise the girl, however if you look at her hands, they look very similar to the fingers of one of the dread doctors, I can’t see what they could be otherwise, they’re definitely not Talons like a wolf.


Parrish and Lydia sitting in a tree

I mentioned in my newest theory post that Parrish could be a hellhound and that his vision of Lydia might be a part of that. We saw Parrish sitting in his truck to find one of the Queen of Hearts card, then Lydia appears and a hot make out session ensues. Only after some clawing on lydia part, we see that Lydia has been horrifically burnt by Lydia which freaks him out and causes him to go and collect the newest Chimera body.


Mason is so helpful

Okay, so at first I though Mason was going to be unnecessary but he’s turning out to quite useful. He’s the most human one of the gang now, although Stiles is human, he went through so much with the Nogitsune that he’s been warped into a different way of thinking, whereas Mason is still so fresh to the world of supernaturals. He helped decipher Kira’s problems, and now he’s found a new Chimera in cody. He’s taking on characteristics of Younger Stiles which is nice to see in such a dark show. He’s also pretty good at getting the gang out of trouble, since he cut Scott’s hand in this episode because of the whole “pain makes you human” thing, way to go Mason!

There was a lot of blood

the gang had some pretty creepy visions while guarding Hayden in the School. first it was Malia getting caught in bear traps and stabbed in the neck, then it was Lydia having her tongue and vocal chords ripped out by a dead Tracy, and finally Scott was stabbed and strangled by Kira. At the time, we knew it wasn’t ‘real’, it couldn’t be, there’d be no more show. But it still felt pretty real. The dread doctors are starting to really mess with the pack now, and it’s making us all edgy.

Hayden and Liam are in trouble

I think it’s safe to say that Liam’s step-dad is not one of the Dread Doctors as some early theories suggested, he seems like he wouldn’t want to hurt Liam in any way. but Liam and Hayden were kidnapped by the doctors later on in the episode, showing them operating on Hayden to do the whole ‘injecting and making them bad’ thing they did with Donovan and Tracy. Poor Liam has to watch his crush go through all of that, while she’s AWAKE!Teen_Wolf_Season_5_Episode_7_Strange_Frequencies_Hayden_transformed

Parrish theory update***

I posted earlier my newest theory about #WhatIsParrish so I suggest you check it out, but we saw that he went out of his way to hurt Theo and Stiles in order to get the body, which is uncharacteristically un-Parrish. I’m sure it was just to conceal his identity as the thief, maybe because of the connection to Scott and the whole “killing is wrong” things.

Thoughts for next week’s episode

Next week’s episode is called Ouroboros, which is the ancient symbol or a snake eating itself by eating it’s tail, it’s a representation of something being cyclical. So this could be to do with the dread doctors and their speech to Liam about “not being on that frequency”. Maybe the whole ‘vibrations’ ‘frequencies’ thing is more about them constantly remaking themselves. think about it, with that much going on in the body it’s going to look like it’s moving?

Maybe that’s the reason for the Chimeras. They have come to a point where they need to advance or change for the better because of the ouroboros, and their experiments with the Chimera’s are their way to find a solution.

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Have a great day!

Photo credit: avclub, teenwolf.wikia


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