#TVTalk – what is Parrish? Theory 2

We’re now well into the first half of season 5 of Teen wolf, and while I’ve pondered over many theories on what Parrish could be, I’m still not definitive. In a post that went up a few months ago, I talked about my theory that Parrish could be a Djinn, since many characteristics he shared with them. However, I’m now starting to belive my second theory more than that after the latest episode of Teen Wolf. Parrish is a Hellhound.


I don’t have as much evidence to back up this theory as I did with my Djinn post, but the evidence is a lot stronger in my opinion.

Hellhounds are guardians of the dead.

We know for certain that Parrish is taking all of the failed bodies and taking them to the nemeton to burn. So this part of the theory is pretty strong, since the nemeton is a place of worship for the druids, it has a connection to the dead and maybe the afterlife. He seems pretty upset in his visions about the whole thing, which could be a sign that he doesn’t agree with so many passing into the afterlife in such a short time, or that he’s finding it hard to decided who goes through and who doesn’t.

He fits the characteristics

So he has no black fur but he does have red eyes, smell like smoke (as heard from Theo in S5 ep7) and he does burn, and have burning characteristics. He’s also got super strength as seen in the same episode from turning over Stiles’ car. These are all very strong connections to him being a Hellhound, and it would fit in with the ‘Teen wolf’ part of the show. However, shouldn’t Scott, Liam or Theo be able to figure out if he’s a dog? Don’t they have a an aura or a distinctive smell?

His connection to Lydia

We ship Parrish and Lydia right? Well I do, but that’s besides the point. They have chemistry, some kind of connection and this may be more than coincidence. We keep seeing Parrish have visions of Lydia, in the form of playing cards, kissing her in the car, in the premiere when he’s dying in the abandoned house. This may be more than attraction, since Hellhounds usually have a ‘supernatural treasure’ to protect. This might be his way of knowing that Lydia is his treasure to protect. Since she is a Banshee, and she is related to death, their connection may stretch to that too, since they both share that characteristic.

Bonus theory for Teen Wolf**

I think Parrish and Kira are somehow related. In folklore, Hellhounds are known as the bearers of death, similar to the things kira was saying in her Kitsune form of “I am the messenger of death”. Maybe Kiras kitsune is a hellhound of sorts too? After all, the aura Kira has and the fire Parrish has look very similar to each other, and neither of them can control or remember what’s happening when they turn. In the first episode we all hear Kira’s mother talking about the Wild hunt, which Hellhounds are closely related to in Lore, so maybe another connection between these two?

Let me know what you think of this theory, or if you have anything to add to it. What do you think Parrish could be? Do you agree with my two theories of Djinn and a Hellhound, do you think I’m getting close or am I colder than the Garden in Season 3B the Nogitsune took the cast. You can leave a comment below or let me know over on Twitter at: @CharBennett_ or over on my Facebook page, I love to hear from you.

Have a great day!

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