Starstuck by Ruby Preston – A Review

Scarlett may have been in the Broadway business for a while, but it’s her first time producing a show, especially one that has an $8 million backing behind it. With the drama of the job and the entitled hollywood star Bliss to cause her stress, Scarlett’s time is spent worrying about her show, keeping her social life stable and keeping the many men in her life at arm’s length.


let me just start by saying that this was a refreshing book to read. Not only did it have the usual chic-lit feel to it that I crave, but the cheesy dialogue and fast romance that usually graces women’s literature was missing, and it was fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, I love the cheesiness most of the time, but it was nice to take a break from it.

What was great about this book?

I think the thing I liked most about this book is Scarlett herself. She was so real and her emotions, thoughts and actions were very realistic to me. I feel like most books have unrealistic actions for their characters, but making them ‘think’ one things and have them completely overthrow it and do the opposite. This book however stuck to its morals and kept Scarlett’s thoughts and actions on par.

I also really enjoyed the setting. I’ve read plenty of books about hollywood stars and rockstars but never about something so overlooked like Broadway. It gave me an insight into the inner workings of those famous plays we’ve all heard about.

What wasn’t so great?

Honestly? Not much was bad about this book. I suppose there was a large stress on all of the attractive men in the book, which i most cases, there just wouldn’t be that many. I can’t really fault it too much though since it helps move along the plot and the character’s main thoughts and struggles.

Another thing i didn’t enjoy so much was how relaxed the drama was. Of course there were the usual troubles with Bliss the hollywood star and her being a Godzilla, but compared to the drama I’m used to, it was quite tame. Again, not a big fault since it’s merely the choice of the author.

Overall score: 9/10 Almost perfect, aside from my personal preferences for drama and just 1 hot guy, a very enjoyable and different read.

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