#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep8

Oh yes! It’s that time of week where we look at all of the goings on in Beacon Hills, and boy is it getting interesting! It’s almost the end of season 5a and the Dread Doctors are still causing trouble, we have a new couple on the show and we finally got to see one of the most elusive characters of the show.


What happened this week?

Hayden and Liam, sitting in a tree (well, a basement)

Hayden has finally forgiven Liam for the accidental punch in 6th grade and they shared some pretty tough times. After getting locked up in a basement covered by electric fencing, they bonded and Liam’s protective nature worked out for him, since he and Hayden had a little bit of a snog in the back of Theo’s car, and fell asleep together at Scott’s. They are adorable together.

Kira’s messed up

So, Kira killed a Chimera in her dazed and confused state and her dad took the blame, but once the body disappeared the charges were dropped and Kira’s left to keep everyone safe from her, and to learn more about her abilities. About freaking time! I am sad to see Kira go, since we’re not sure how long she’ll be gone yet, the dynamic of the group will seem off for a while.


We got to see The Desert Wolf

While Deaton is in another country finding out about the Doctors and the Ouroboros he gets confronted by one of the most lethal assassins around, Malia’s mum. Who reveals to him that if her daughter is still alive, she’ll just have to kill her again. I’m not sure what her motives are, maybe she doesn’t want someone who can be hurt because of who her mum is, or maybe it’s a way for her to keep any emotional ties away. Whatever the motives, she’s coming to Beacon Hills.

Parrish is busted!

After the cops took precautions at the Hospital with the newest body, Parrish went haywire and knocked out a ton of cops, then carted off the body to the nemeton. However, Stiles’ sussed it out and realised Parrish was the one taking the bodies. This is going to cause problems with Lydia and Parrish next week (as seen in the preview) which makes me think Parrish knows exactly what he’s doing and what he is.


Theo is hard to read.

We know that Theo is one of the bad guys, and has ties to the Dread Doctors, but why is he helping the gang? I think he’s starting to realise that Scott is more powerful than he initially realised, and maybe regretting his decision to side with the Doctors. When Scott did the memory thing he seemed to be totally oblivious to it, but maybe the look on his face was just fear that if Scott ever did it to him, then he’d know all of the stuff Theo has done to them and the secrets of his past.

Thoughts for next week.

Well, as mentioned there is probably going to be problems with Lydia and Parrish, as well as Stiles’ conscience maybe getting the best of him. I also think we’ll get to finally see The Desert Wolf in beacon hills looking for Malia. Hopefully some confrontation?

If you want to see my theories on Parrish, I have two of them. One that says he’s a Djinn, and another that claims he’s a Hellhound.

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Have a great day!

Photo credit: tvline.com, zap2it, hypable


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