#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep9

We’re getting close to the end of season 5a and things are starting to get tense. With only 1 episode left until the mid-season finale, theo’s intentions are becoming clearer, Stiles is losing the plot, Scott is losing his ability as a wolf and Hayden in jeopardy.


Let’s see what’s going on:

Hayden is in trouble.

After some very naive running away on Liam and Hayden’s part, and some very adorable kissing, Hayden finally got caught up by the Dread Doctors who injected her with mercury. She seems to be doing okay though. Well, I mean she’s not dead so that’s good, right? Liam asked Scott to turn her, by giving her the bite, but Scott doesn’t think he can and refused. Uh oh?

Scott is so stupid.

Scott isn’t in his element this series, and to be honest is being a bit of a coward. After the epicness that was Season 3 and even season 4, where Scott is just awesome, he’s lost his spark and can’t do normal alpha things anymore, not good. He didn’t even let his best friend explain properly about Donovan, but accepted Theo’s word? That’s cold Scott, so, so cold!


Theo’s intentions are clear.

This is a combined conclusion from this episode and the Episode 10 preview. Theo want’s a pack, which we already know, but unfortunately for Scott, he doesn’t have a part in this pack. Theo is trying to take over Scott as alpha, and he looks to be doing a good job so far. I’m not sure if the whole ‘lying to scott about stiles’ was a way to weaken Scott emotionally?


Lydia and Parrish = Quality time.

I still think these two are just so adorable, and who doesn’t love our super sexy Deputy Parrish? After he finds out he’s the one taking the bodies, Lydia tries to get him to find the Nemeton, and has a little play fight in order to distract him from his thoughts.  After seeing the Nemeton, Parrish locks himself in the cell to stop him from taking the bodies, I don’t think it will work but good try Parrish!

The Dread Doctors are getting annoyed?

This is just an instinct, but I feel like the DD are getting frustrated now, being more aggressive towards Theo, collecting many failures in one day, experimenting on themselves, it seems the slowness of them in the beginning is starting to speed up. Ultimately, I think they will fail at the last minute. they’ve shown they’re strong and hard to beat with the multiple fighting scenes this season, but maybe the masks are the key? I can’t remember who but someone did mention recently that ‘they never take off the masks’, although we know different, maybe this is their achilles heel?

Parrish theory update**

I’m almost certain now that Parrish is a Hellhound. After the revelation Lydia had this episode about Parrish “hiding the bodies” because they’re supernatural, this ties in with my theory pretty well. You can read all about my Parrish theory here in depth.


Mr sexy being sexy

Next week’s episode thoughts.

Next week is the mid-season finale, so it’s going to be intense. I don’t think they will beat the DD in this episode, since the story over the 2 seasons is going to be continuous, but I do think we’ll get to see a vulnerable side to them, maybe even a theory from the gang on how they’re going to get rid of them once and for all. I also think Theo will be outed, after the clip with him and Stiles, Stiles is probably going to figure out a way to get rid of Theo. I think the mid-season finale will be when The Desert Wolf comes for Malia, maybe at the end and leaving it on a cliffhanger if she’s okay for not.

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Have a great day!

Photo Credits: MTV, hypable, tumblr


I am going on holiday the very day that the mid-season finale airs, and i’m not sure that I’ll get to watch it/write it up before I get home, so if you notice it not here, that is why. It should be up by the Saturday following.


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