#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep10 Mid-season Finale

We’ve now seen the first 10 episodes of this season of teen Wolf, and it’s been a whirlwind of emotion. We’ve had deaths, secrets, fall-outs and some damn confusing villains, but nothing could have prepared us for this final summer episode.


What happened this week?

Theo blew a fuse

Finally, the group knows Theo’s intentions, but it’s not been so beneficial so far to Theo when it comes to gaining a pack. He wants Scott’s pack, but because he was a total a-hole to them, they won’t follow him. So he went to the Nemeton and revived some of the dead Chimeras. Including the recently deceased Hayden (died in this episode).


Scott is losing the battle

We all know things will turn out for Scott, but it doesn’t lessen to hurt when it comes to how bad things have gotten. Scott can’t forgive Stiles so easily, he isn’t keeping promises to Liam and the rest of the group seem to be awol when he needs them.

Bye bye Jeep

The day came when Stiles’ Jeep just couldn’t work anymore, kind of a metaphor for Stiles being a failure and all of that. Malia let Stiles know that she always knew about Donovan, but that it didn’t matter to her, which could show that she doesn’t mind if people die.


Braeden is back

This could also mean Derek will return early next season, but Braeden is back and brought with her some bad news for Malia, that the Desert wolf knows she’s alive, and she’s not got long til she gets to Beacon Hills. The Drama is thick and will prove to be a good season 5b.

Parrish is a Hellhound

I called a it a few weeks back, after my initial post that he was a Djinn, I carefully thought about it and decided he was a Hellhound, which you can read about here. So what does this mean for the pack? It means that he’s more connected to the Doctors than we thought initially, and that it could cause some problems between him and Lydia. We’ll have to wait and see.

What to expect in 5b

Lydia is finally going to eichen house like we saw in the first few episodes of 5a. Theo pulled her memories which also drove her out of her mind, leading to the whole ‘superpowers thing’. We’re also going to see some friendship building, some fighting and even some fighting with Parrish. At the end of the episode, the Doctors revealed a fresco on the wall of 2 creatures fighting. One of them is Parrish, and the other is a black dog. We’ve seen 3 of them so far, Peter, Derek and Theo. So could it be that one of them has to fight Parrish?


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