The best supernatural books on Kindle right now.

We’re all intrigued by what we don’t know, whether it’s ghosts, unexplained disappearances or even vampires. But for someone like me who reads mainly romance fiction, venturing in to something so different as a supernatural book can be a bit of a difficult transition.

I’ve read a lot of books that teeter on the line between romance and the supernatural, however I’ve never really gone so far where the main story is the monsters lurkling in the night. I’m not exactly talking about vampire books. Although they are in the genre, I feel like they’ve been accepted into a false sense of normalcy.

I can’t exactly claim that the selection below are definitely the best, however, I can say how much I enjoyed them in my phase of the paranormal.

All of the books below are currently free on Kindle, and I have provided links so you can get them too.

The Fallen Star – Jessica Sorensen


Pretty much exactly what the title says, this is about a girl called Gemma who lives with her grandparents in a northern American town. One day, she meets a pair of siblings who start at her school and finds out she was born with the power from a fallen star, and is the key to stopping the end of the world when the planets align in 2012.

Although the description might make it seem a little bit childish believing in a fallen star, the book itself was actually quite scary. With vampires, creepy monsters who can kill you by freezing your body and many other less known creatures, it’s full of suspense and keeps you on the edge of your seat til the very end.

This is book one in a series of 4, as well as there being a few spin off books and a new adult version called Shattered Promises. Get it here.

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Jordyn – Tiffany King


Jordyn thinks she lost her parents in a car accident, but can’t actually remember her life before it. Now living with her guardians, who just happen to be Angels, she’s undergoing a lot of training to become a Deamon Hunter. However, after falling for a Soul Trader (neither good or bad, trading souls to heaven and hell that can’t decide where to go) secrets start to unravel.

This book is a really great power boost to women and girls who read it. Jordyn may have supernatural powers, but her attitude to life is really refreshing for a female protagonist in the YA genre. She’s not exactly humble about her powers like girls usually are in these kinds of books, which is something different that I really liked.

I also really liked the story, I think it was well planned and as realistic as you could get with a fiction novel like this. This is also part of a series, Get it here.

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Relentless – Karen Lynch


Sara’s father was murdered when she was 7, and she’s never given up on finding the killer. Certain it was a vampire, she’s immersed herself in a world that not many people know about. Her best friends are a mix of werewolves, a troll and recently a Demon hunter. She’s not so unlike them though after all. She’s always had the power to heal people, and that’s something she will uncover about her past in this thrilling novel.

This was the novel that really got me into this phase, because it was so gripping. We don’t really find out much about Sara and her powers until the end of the book, and up until the last word you are gripped to it.

I think if you’re going to read one of these books, I’d definitely go with this one. Get it here.

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