#TVTalk – Teen wolf Creature theory

We’ve been given very little information about what the creature is in the picture revealed at the end of Season 5a. So far from interviews, we know that it is called ‘The Beast’ and that it’s made of shadows. It’s also an innate killer that will sweep away anything in its path.  Well I have some theories about our new bad guy.


If you remember all the way back to Season 1 episode 6 (heart monitor) when Kate was teaching allison about her ancestry, you might remember her telling her dear niece to look up ‘la bete du Gevaudan’ (The beast of Gevaudan) as one of her ancestors killed the french beast.

Take in the fact that we know Crystal Reed is to return to play the very ancestor that killed the beast originally in a later episode, it ties in pretty well that this is probably the same beast.

Now on to who this might be, I have some vague guesses as to who could possibly be the beast, but my ultimate guess would be Peter Hale.

Think about it, we’ve not seen him since he went to Eichen house in Season 4, not even a mention of him in the scenes we’ve have so far with Lydia in Eichen House (and obviously because Valack is out of his cell, so might Peter). Valack showed him his future, and it might just have been the torturous surgery’s the DD do on all of their Chimeras.

Another thing that points me to this is a subtle tie in with Season 1 again where in the same episode Peter is finally seen for the first time in his full alpha form, and he bears a remarkable resemblance to the photo we’ve seen of the beast so far.

screenshot-www.ew.com 2016-01-11 18-16-21.png 18_boys-alpha1


On top of this is the symbol Peter was drawing on scott’s car back in season 1, a spiral to symbolise an alpha. And what did we get in 5b ep11? The same symbol and the mention of an alpha unlike anything else.

There is so much more that ties him to it, such as the fact that he is liable to be a chimera after his near death surgerys back when the Hale fire started. Peter is also known to be a ruthless killer, and the fact that Derek is returning in this part of the series to help fight it (like he always does when it comes to Peter)

So far, this is all I have been able to find/work out about the newest Teen Wolf creature. If you would like to see any changes in my theory, I talk about it in my weekly Teen Wolf blog posts depending on which info we get each episode.

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Photo Credit: teen wolf wikia, entertainment weekly



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