#TVTalk Teen Wolf – S5 Ep 11

It’s a new year, and that might mean you start a new fad diet, quit smoking or even promise to exercise more, but those of us who watch Teen Wolf religiously, it means the second half of Season 5 is airing. Last week’s episode, was a bit of a revelation for most viewers, so lets take a recap:


Theo has a plan

At the end of the summer series, Theo had raised his army of dead Chimeras in order to take what he thought was rightfully his: Scott’s wolf pack. However, his plans aren’t so linear as they once seemed, because he’s now looking to recruit our resident hellhound, Parrish.

Hayden breaks Liams heart

Liam thought that his first love had died at the end of the season, but it turns out (as we all knew) that Hayden is actually alive and causing trouble with her former beau. We know it’s because Theo is controlling her, but it still breaks our little hearts to see Liam so upset.

Lydia finally went crazy

After some super detective work from our resident hot guy Parrish we finally see that the scenes from 5a where lydia is talking to Valack are in the present day of this episode. We find out that after her problems with Theo, she’s gone totally mental and telling Valack everything she knows. To be honest, Valack is on her side for this and not evil like usual, because out of everyone he’s had the most experience with the DD.

Scott is finally growing some balls.

So Scott was fairly pathetic in the former part of Season 5, and we were wondering when he would man up. FINALLY, we have our old scott back. He sucked up his pride and was there when Stiles needed him as well as trying to fix things with a huge gash in his chest. Bravo Scott!

Stilinski was poisoned

The last Chimera was Noah (from the likes of Disney’s Teen Beach 2) who could push his bones out of his hands in a wolverine fashion and stab people, and he was the one who poisoned The sheriff. After removing some of the broken bone, he’s all fine now.

The Beast is coming

We got a tiny mention about the picture at the end of the early season, where we saw a hellhound fighting a black creature. All we know so far from the show (and from interview sources) is that it’s a human that forms into a creature made of shadows, and it’s unlike anything we’ve really seen so far. There will be a full theory blog post on who I think it is soon.

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3 thoughts on “#TVTalk Teen Wolf – S5 Ep 11

  1. Becca @ Shih Tzu Book Reviews says:

    Not to mention, Mason’s dad (I think it was his dad) is very very hot. Also, Noah is totally Wolverine! 🙂 On the other hand, it’s hard to really hate Theo when he looks that good and has that much cockiness.

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