#TVTalk Teen Wolf – S5 Ep12

A new episode of Teen Wolf this early on in the second half of the series usually never tells us anything useful, however this week’s episode gave us more than we even know. Theo is showing ulterior motives, Hayden and Liam and back on each other’s good sides and Sciles is finally a bromance again! But what else happened this week?


Scott still isn’t healing well, and that is worrying

After his scuffle at the end of 5A Scott’s gash still won’t heal. I think this is gonna be metaphorical throughout the next couple of episodes in the sense that Scott as an alpha is injured and has lost his abilities, but also that his friendships are suffering to, and as the series goes on and he fixes his problems, the wound will heal and his powers will come back.

Theo is crazy

We already know that Theo is a bit loopy with his reasoning, but now he’s become so controlling that he’s threatening his own pack? I’m still not sure why Theo has had a ‘change of heart’ now that he’s going against the DD, but it can’t be good whatever it is.

La Bete du Gevaudan

After my Theory post earlier this week, I’m glad that we’re finally getting to see and hear about La Bete. I knew this was coming, but what does Gerard have to do with it? I know it’s because of the Argents connection but he’s not exactly got a good reputation for being on the good side.

Speaking of the beast theories, Another thing that adds to my theory that it’s Peter is it’s hiding place. Back when Kate and Peter were taking sides, their hangout was preferably in sewers and tunnels just like that one. The only thing making me doubt it is that they mentioned it was resurrected and is probably to original beast. However this could just be to throw us off the scent and it could still be Peter just in a ‘resurrected’ form. (just like in season 1)

Meredith is back, kind of?

So Lydia is in a crazy dream where she’s walking around with her old pal Meredith. I know that this is a good thing since she will teach her how to control her powers, but I’m not sure how this will fare when it comes to rational decisions, after all Meredith isn’t real and Lydia might be changing for the worst.

Malia is up to no good

Not in a bad way though, as he reasons for straying from the pack are to find her mother, the desert wolf. She also found out that she is holding Deaton hostage, so we’re probably going to see Scott having a fit when he finds out. Braeden is back but where is Derek? We know he’s coming back this season, so maybe it’s to stop La bete when it all goes down?

Kira is hunting

Kira is back! But she’s hunting Skin Walkers in a desert with her mum. Weird. Not really sure why she’s doing that, maybe they’re hunting bad people to try and control her powers, but whatever it is I think it’s really cool to introduce us to a side of the show that we never get to see. When characters disappear for a period of time we only usually get to hear about what they’ve done, but now we’re getting to see it.

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