#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep13

Finally, we’re getting our old pack back together. With Malia still M.I.A and Liam trying to mend his mistakes with Hayden and Scott, things still need repairing. But at least our favourite bromance is back on track and Scott and Kira got some alone time.


Theo is pushing it

We know Theo wants to become an alpha, and that it’s still not happened yet for him. So his plans with the beast are a little sketchy. Why does he need the beast to become an alpha? He’s also plotting even more to make life as hard as possible for Scott’s pack by emotionally messing up Liam. Back off Theo.

Scott got Kira back!

We’re finally getting to see some of Kira this season. She’s been missing for most of it and it’s interesting that we got to see Kira battling her demons. She’s not exactly ured though because her Kitsune keeps taking over, but I’m sure the pack will figure something out for her. I understand why the Skin Walkers were part of the plot, but it was slightly unnecessary for them, since it seemed like Kira’s mum knew what she was doing and then chickened out.

Lydia is learning

Lydia is still in her strange dream with Meredith, but it’s actually doing her some good since she’s learning how to use her Banshee scream. I wonder how it’s going to make Lydia when she finally non-catatonic. Will she be the same Lydia we know and love or will she turn a little bit evil? Kind of what has happened with Malia and her quest to find mama wolf.

We got some more info on La bete.

So after Theo and Tracy confront the DD at the school, the beast arrives with a head in its hand. It’s obviously controlled somewhat by the DD.

Theo talks about how it’s definitely got someone ‘under’ the shadows that make the beast, but he refers to it as a kid. I still believe in my theory that it’s Peter because Teen Wolf has a habit of trying to trick you. Lets face it, if Theo doesn’t know who it is you can’t really believe him when he says it’s a teenager?


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Photo credit: tvequals, MTV


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