Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines [a review]

Maggie witnessed the horrific murder of her mother by her own father and has decided that it’s better to be mute. Two years of being silent sees her living with her cousins family, where she meets her cousins best friend. West Ashby is everything you’ve heard about. Jock, handsome and secretly sweet, but as his father deteriorates from Cancer, he and Maggie find the connection they need to get through their struggles.


For anyone that has been reading my blog since the beginning, you know that I love Abbi Glines with a passion. I’ve not found a book she has written that I haven’t loved and that is what makes her such an awesome writer.

What do I like about this book?
To start, this tackles some issues abbi’s books haven’t grazed upon yet. She’s talked about parents dying before and issues with self-respect but we’ve never had a mute character. I think her decision to write about such an unknown topic was really brave, because there are so many ways she could have altered the reality of what it’s really like.

Obviously I have no personal experience, however from what I do know about selective mutism, she’s managed to talk about sensitively and compassionately.

I also liked the story itself. It felt very real because they were just high school students. Most of her books feature famous people and the rich so it felt very down to earth.

What didn’t I like so much?

To be honest? Not much. I suppose if I was to be really picky I would say that the story slightly copies one of her previous books (The Vincent Boys) because of the multiple ‘field parties’ but that’s being really selective about it.

Another thing I wasn’t particularly fond of was how quickly Maggie could speak with West. I know that it’s because he needed someone to talk to and she knew the pain he was going though but I think it would take a little more time for someone with those issues to open up to a stranger.

One thing i’m starting to notice in Abbi’s books is the slut-shaming. Most of the time if the girl isn’t the heroine or the best friend/family member they are a harpie. Usually it doesn’t bother me but it’s started to get a little tiring.

Overall Score: 7.5/10 not my favourite book by abbi but still a fantastic read. This is quite tame so I think this would be a good book to read if you want to start reading the YA romance genre.

What others are saying about this book:

Christy on Goodreads: What I liked best about this book was watching the characters grow. Maggie started out as a girl who was so traumatized she wouldn’t speak to anyone. 4/5

Jennifer on Goodreads: This story had an overall very somber vibe as both the hero and the heroine face loss within their families. 3.5 / 5

Bianca on Goodreads: I LOVED IT! I wasn’t expecting to love it. Because I don’t like too young YA books – but this one was sooo adorable, and not too young. I cried ALL THROUGH THE BOOK!!!! 5/5

*just a note about my selection of goodreads comments. Although I tend to just include positive comments in my reviews (because positivity is refreshing) there were a significant amount of negative comments on the goodreads page. I know I have my issues with the books I review but being nasty about it isn’t part of what I do, so I’m purposely avoiding the negative comments*

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